will12 volt dc appliance work with 19 volt dc supply

I'm wondering if I can run a 12 volt DC thermoelectric cooler with a 19 volt power supply from an old laptop

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iceng8 months ago

You could run it from a NEW power supply that can deliver a smooth 12VDC...

19V will destroy your cooler, Although it was probably made for a car and as such it may tolerate as much as 15VDC continuously... The 1N4001 diode drops o.65VDC..

19-15=4 Volts too much.. If you put seven diodes in series the 19V will be lowered to 14.53VDC and if the cooler draws one ampere or less...

seadog301 (author)  iceng8 months ago
Okay. thanks
seandogue8 months ago

in most cases, no. rarely, a device has a wide input voltage acceptance range, but most times plugging 19VDc into a 12VDc device will result in

a) blown input stages on device.

b) blown output stage on power supply.

c) both.

and specifically, for the peltier cell, that all depends on the specs for the part. higher voltage means higher current and they have a finite current carry capability...pOof!

Consult tech spec sheets or the mfg of said peltier.

seadog301 (author)  seandogue8 months ago
Okay, thanks

But if you try it, please film it!

+1 heh.