windows XP login without a password?

my computer was unplugged from the wall outlet for about 2 weeks and when i plugged it back in, it asked for a password to log in to windows XP even though i was never asked for one before. windows XP just logged me in automatically when i booted the computer. its impossible to log in now since i never had a password and i am hoping someone can tell me how to get around this problem without formatting the hard drive?

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Yolandas6 years ago
It is easy.Remove all administrator accounts password.
TheBatchies7 years ago

Username: Admin

*This may either be blank or it may be "password."
To avoid reinstalling your system, the easiest way to resolve the problem is to use some Windows password Recovery Tool. The program will enable you to reset the password to "Blank" with no -reformatting or installation. Do all the job for you automatically. <a href=""></a>.<br /> Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 allows you to reset windows password with with CD!!
Garfield-8 years ago
try this: username: Administrator password: thats right keep password field blank and hit enter it should login
I agree. If you never set a password before, just use your username and leave the password box blank.
lemonie8 years ago
Oh yeah? I think there's more to this... L
wenpherd8 years ago
fwjs288 years ago
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