would any one use a card-board coffee table?

i was thinking about entering the card-board challange and wanted to know what people thought about my idea. Also i was going to do this do be green because my dad owns a bakery and when he gets shipments of supplies there is a lot of extra card bord.

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orksecurity8 years ago
Depends on how hard it is to construct, how study it is, ... A spare/disposable/foldable table could be useful, but not if it's so rickety that it won't hold up to reasonable amounts of weight (a six-year-old sitting on it would probably be a good test load) or if it takes so much effort that I'd rather go out and buy a folding table.
randomray8 years ago
I say go for , you're not the first but as a wood worker I can tell you that the first " coffee " table wasn't necessarily the best . Someone is always trying something new with the old standbys . Do a neat job , finish it well , make it look nice and it will be something most people will enjoy if you win or not . Rather then a glass top you might try smoothing it out and using a low VOC paint . Then there's no glass to buy or eventually recycle . Good luck , and have fun with it !
rickharris8 years ago
Been done lots of time so I guess the answer is yes http://www.designboom.com/cardboard.html
jeff-o8 years ago
Sure, give it a try! Try a neat pattern that you can't easily (or cheaply) replicate with wood or metal.
Jayefuu8 years ago
I'd use one. A friend made a chair by glueing strips of card together. It was strong enough to stand on so I'd not be worried about putting a cup of tea on it.
It'd be neat if you made a really nice/sturdy one, and then just put a layer of glass over the top.
Worth investigating... go for it!