would someone do an instructable on how to build a good rc car from scratch?

i would like someone to make an rc car and do an instructable for it.... make it good!!! plz

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kjsrocks4 years ago
i have arduino uno and a motor sheild that can be controlled by ir remote it is really simple get any light weight enclosere and two moters that spin the same speed ps they will need tourqe not speed you can use skids wheels or swivel wheels
lizbryant885 years ago
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Udon7 years ago
I went to a Chinamart and bought 2 pretty standard remote control cars for about R120. That's something like... $17? Each has a 27MHz remote with four inputs.

Take off all the plastic and junk, and you have a really good chassis with...everything you need really.

I'm planning on re-using them for robots. But for that cheap, there's no reason not to autopsy them and figure out what a RC car needs and how it gets done. Or transplant entire pieces to your homemade RC car (motors, steering, H-bridge, sender, reciever, wheels, axle, base, multicolored epileptic LEDs...)
rug7 years ago
get a control from a old toy that broke like this      these toys brake realy easy because they are so small so you or one of your freinds should have one.
rug7 years ago
the control system is very hard to make and it would be best to by one.
the motor can be used from any electronical car.      prety much you find the points on the control system for the motor and batery and solder them on then for the steering you can make with lego usein some pivits and gears  and mount / glue it all to the toy car   i'll try to get some pics for you