would this bike idea work?

i have an idea for a bike, where you lay down to use it, sort of like a recumbent, except on your stomach instead.
it would be motor powered, and have 2 back tires and one front tire, steered by two steel (or maybe some other material) cables directly attached to the handle bars via a smaller bar at the bottom of the handle bars.
it would probably have 48v's worth of batteries, and the chassis would most likely be made out of PVC piping. (unless that isnt a good material for this)

i would be designing the bike around me, there might be a camera display so i can see behind me, headlights and tail lights for at night, and most definitely some brakes, maybe disc brakes.

i weigh about 100lbs, so the pvc piping should be able to support my weight, i was thinking of using 1.5" or 2" diameter pvc piping, should i use something with a wider diameter?

the base of the chassis would be made from 4 pvc pipes arranged in a square, with the pipes about 2"-4" apart.

does anyone think this design is totally impossible? or could it work out? i want to know before i buy anything.

on the strength of pvc pipes, my friend once had a pvc bike trailer that was capable of supporting my weight, he has since taken it apart to use the pvc in other projects. it was 2" pvc pipes used on that trailer.

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kvnfln90005 years ago
try for a design similar to tron bikes
maybe two wheels if you want to pedal
rickharris6 years ago
I can see very little point in putting your fragile head closer to the scene of the accident.

the prone position has been tried and used in speed trials but is neither popular nor particularly efficient.
zack247 (author) 6 years ago
im thiniking i might go with a 4 wheeled design instead of a 3 wheeled one..
iceng zack2476 years ago
Your stirring mech will get much more complicated :)
Are you... a closet car lover ?

zack247 (author)  iceng6 years ago
a what lover?

i only think 4 wheels because it would be a more stable design as far as the vehicle tipping over.

but you are right about it being more complicated, i already have an idea for the steering mech using a single front wheel design, but i might use 2 tires directly side by side to create a wider front tire fro more stability over bumps in the road.

i know im going to use steel conduit piping, but for wheels, would bike wheels work or should i find some other alternative?
I'm sure it would work but I'm not sure about the pvc pipe it will support your weight but when there is momentum it might not hold up, but it all depends on how you use it and how long the pieces are I would give it a try.
zack247 (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
yes, now that i have though about it, maybe plastic isnt something i should rely on for holding my weight..

steel conduit?
That should do, the pvc just wouldn't hold up.
The batteries are going to need a steel sq pipe for the weight.
The Manta has a steel front to the sailors feet and everything is Al pipe.

zack247 (author) 6 years ago
if enough people want me to i could try making a 3d model of my design idea.
zack247 (author)  zack2476 years ago
i made the 3d model anyways, just in case, i didnt make any handle bars because the current design will mostlikely be swithed out for some other alternative.
lemonie6 years ago

PVC pipe is not a good construction material for something like this.
Steering with cables isn't good either.
What advantages do you see in that riding position (remembering "face, mud and gravel")?
Where do your legs rest, or generally where is your weight supported?

zack247 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
should i use steel pipe, like everyone else suggested?

i dont want the handle bars/steering mech directly above the wheel, to cables is all i could think of, is there a better way?
i was also thinking of twp rods on either side where if you push ne forward and pull one back you turn one way, and vice versa, it would work on a siilar design to the handle bars.

your depiction is a bit off scale, my feet would be between the rear tires (or on the outside depending on the overall wheelbase), and my legs would rest on the lower part where the batteries would be housed, it would be wider than the upper part for that specific reason. i suppose its my fault for not explaining that, sorry.

as far as the riding position goes i wanted to do something that made the bike really low profile and completely different from other designs ive seen.

i plan to work on this during the summer, so i wanted to plan it now so i know what supplies i am going to need.
caarntedd6 years ago
It looks cool. You should make it, but use steel tubing not PVC. 100lbs? My butt weighs 100lbs.
zack247 (author)  caarntedd6 years ago
haha well of all of my friends i am the lightest :S
and im almost in grade 10..
iceng6 years ago
You bet it would work.  ( Very nice depiction )
I have a Manta landsailer that shape
They steer with your feet.