xbox computer?

so i want to install linux on an old xbox any suggestions

MisterHay8 years ago
I'd recommend doing a soft mod and installing XBMC... you can also try XDSL if you'd like to use it as a computer, but it's getting a little slow for that.
try using the softmod idea or you can save the windows program (like 95 or 98 or even 2000) onto a hardrive (yes a hardrive use instructable search and look for a usb hardrive) and hook up your xbox  to it through the usb port for xbox hack and just click the memory and it will come up and open file
srry for taking so long
dla8888 years ago
I think that there is gentoo for xbox.
You can get yellow dog for the PS3 but I'm not sure about Xbox. I'll tell you if I find something.