xmas light controler help please?

i am trying to build a xmas light controler(you know. the lights. sync to the music?). it is going to be powererd by a seril interface. (the big kind.) how do you build it? pics please if you can.

here's one i've been working on and it works great! The only thing is that you want to sync it to music... I guess you could find the BPM and write the lights to go with the song.

it was around $100
vodo (author) 8 years ago
are there any options under 100$ (link please)
frollard8 years ago

all in one solution. Assuming you're gonna put a tonne of money into the build (for the lights alone), having this built and ready can make a huge difference in the amount of labour required. You don't pay much more for these products than if you built them from scratch with hobby-quantity components.