xp on aspire 5515 and i closed the screen to do something and when i came back it wouldn't turn on, any fixes?

green power light is on, the charge light is on, but nothing happens, i thought it might just be the screen, but when i hooked up my computer monitor to it , still nothing. any ideas?

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nicelly5 years ago
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110100101108 years ago
power management ? try a short click on the power switch if it crashed in standby or something like that - long push on power switch untill it shuts down. then power on gain
timmyg52 (author)  110100101108 years ago
i tried that it doesn't work, im thinking its the graphics card cause when i plug my computer monitor in the back of the laptop i still get no pic
it can be anything then unplug and remove battery plug in all again power up does the computer feel like its loading windows normally ? (hard drive light / windows startup sound) if no try to disassemble memory / cpu / drive and assemble back
timmyg52 (author) 8 years ago
i tried that, nothing. i even tried putting the xp disc in drive no load. it sounds like the drive spins for a second or two then it stops. what could be the problem?