y rnt peeps subbing mi?

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acidbass6 years ago
I agree with yokozuna after all you did say that to me and many other members plus you are rude and outrageous
BALLISTA6 years ago
Ok,this was rather pointless AND stupid.Don't post any more forum topics unless you actually have something to show and tell. -_-
Make some 'ibles, make some friends, learn to spell...

What would the point be in subscribing, you don't DO anything...
He DOES lots of things! Misspells, trolls, abuses people, spams Orangeboards. Oh, wait. You mean "do something constructive and useful." Never mind...
HA! agreeing again!
yokozuna6 years ago
cuz u suk ballz n gots no sense of humor.

.  +1
Ha ha. Best answer, or at least the first half.
NatNoBrains6 years ago
Because you can't spell and you haven't actually released any instructables yet!
Mike736 years ago
Aaah, now by looking at the related instructables, I think I know what this is all about. From the wording of the question (can you call this wording???), I didn't even get a glimpse of what you want....
Kiteman6 years ago

Gosh,  I wonder why...
First link doesn't work dear... Not sure what the plan was with it either...
That means Staff responded to the flag, and deleted it.
Worked that out later, the list of names made it look like a weird search attempt, I missed the topic, unsurprisingly undisappointed...
iono dood, it r mystifying 2 mee itz prolly cuz ov ur horrendous spelling errors. Get a grip kid, deal with it. People here respect you more when you use English correctly, well, most of the time.
aeray6 years ago
1) You can't spell or communicate effectively.
2) You have posted no 'ables.
3) You post abusive and insulting forum topics.
kelseymh6 years ago
Because this isn't MySpace. Subscriptions generally go to members who create and publish numerous Instructables which are of high quality, and of interest to other members. Some members get subscribed because they generate and participate in thoughtful, intelligent discussions.
orksecurity6 years ago
Subscriptions on Instructables are rare, and generally reserved for folks who have an established history of clear and useful contributions. I think I'm subscribed to _one_ person... maybe.

If you want folks to pay attention, say things worth paying attention to -- and say them in clear English rather than 1337 (the use of which proves only that you're a wannabe poseur).