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Welcome to cake decorating! This class is structured to guide you through the simple steps of creating two delicious and beautiful cakes from start to finish. We will begin with the very basics and finish with professional quality cakes — inside and out.

Along the way, I will offer creative tips, tricks, and substitutions for specialty tools that you will most likely find in your home kitchen.

Techniques learned will include: baking a cake; leveling, filling, and stacking a cake; applying chocolate ganache; covering a cake with fondant; and hand-sculpting five different fondant flowers along with a few adorable little birds! Recipes will be provided for: double chocolate cake; delicious vanilla buttercream; dark chocolate ganache; and ganache truffles.

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, stir, mix, bake, and create with me in this fun cake decorating class!

With the skills you learn in this class, you can enter the Baking Contest!

About the Teacher

Hi, my name is Jen Wold. When I'm not working away at Instructables I run a cake decorating business called Clever Wren Cakes & Sweets located along the mighty Mississippi River and an Etsy shop called Thermies. I've been creating custom cakes for over 10 years and my kitchen is always filled with the delicious aroma of cake! My other creative hobbies include: sewing, quilting, embroidery, fused glass, stained glass, weaving, and trying and creating new recipes.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Cake Decorating

This lesson will provide an overview of the cake decorating process and everything involved to complete two different and beautiful cakes.

Lesson 2: Tools & Ingredients

An extensive array of tools are available for cake decorating. Find out what's necessary and what's a waste of money!

Lesson 3: Chocolate Ganache

In this lesson you will learn how easy ganache is to make. It can be used as a filling, frosting, or coating for cakes.

Lesson 4: Cake

Get the recipe and directions to bake a delectable double chocolate cake. I won't tell if you lick the bowl!

Lesson 5: Level, Fill, & Stack

This is by far the most important part of making a sturdy and symmetrical cake base. Get perfect layers every time with this technique.

Lesson 6: Ganaching a Cake

Working with chocolate ganache is simple with the right tools, materials, and secrets. Learn how to get it perfectly smooth and level.

Lesson 7: Fondant & Coloring

Mix fun, custom fondant colors in this lesson without staining your hands! There are multiple coloring options available. Find out which ones are best.

Lesson 8: Decorated Drip Cake

Complete a decorated drip cake in this lesson with easy-to-follow steps and photos to guide you along the way.

Lesson 9: Working With Fondant

Get tips and tricks to perfectly cover a cake in fondant that's free of air bubbles, wrinkles, and elephant skin!

Lesson 10: Decorated Party Cake

Let the fun begin! This lesson will teach you how to sculpt with fondant, make clean cut edges, assemble, and complete a fondant cake.

Lesson 11: Wrap-Up & Troubleshooting

Find out how to fix issues that may arise along the way. Then take a look at some fun ideas that will help you build upon your new knowledge base.