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The Pier 9 Workshop is excited to share our full roster of Machine Training Curriculum on Instructables. Each class was developed over 5 years of hands-on collaboration with industry experts. We hope the knowledge we've gathered here will help any level of user be successful in a workshop.

The cold saw is a stationary saw with a circular blade specifically designed to cut metal. The cold saw is useful for making cuts in metal stock at various angles.

This class is part of a greater course series covering Metal Shop safety and basic use. In this course series you will learn how to operate and adjust machines to safely begin basic metal projects. A free PDF download of this class is available at the end of the last lesson.

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    Lesson 1: Getting Started With the Cold Saw

    This lesson goes over the anatomy of the cold saw, as well as basic safety and best practices.

    Lesson 2: Using the Vise

    The vise is critical to holding your metal bar or tube material secure while the blade is cutting.

    Lesson 3: Adjusting the Cold Saw

    While using the saw, you will periodically need to adjust speed and miter angle.

    Lesson 4: Operating the Cold Saw

    How to run the machine and a few more tips and tricks to get you the best results on the cold saw. This lesson also includes a free PDF download of this class to use in your shop.

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