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See the creative side of concrete while learning how and why this ancient building material has stood the test of time. Through easy hands-on projects we'll discover all kinds of ways to bring concrete into your home and introduce an industrial chic that goes with any style.

Using no special tools or equipment, you'll be able to learn the fundamentals of working with concrete to make smaller crafts using standard molds, molds with voids, and custom molds to make your next concrete creation.

There's more to concrete than you might think, so follow along and make something you'll be proud to show off at home!

About the Teacher

Mike is a self-taught DIY troublemaker who loves to get dirty making. Making concrete creations can be a messy endeavor, and there's no other way he'd have it!

Outside of the shop Mike has designed and built hundreds of prototypes that explore the intersection of functionality and whimsical absurdity, from chainsaw blenders to successfully melting metal in a microwave (though, that project eventually caught fire).

His work has been featured all over the Internet, in print media in all kinds of languages, and even on Japanese television. When not getting his hands dirty building, Mike is a published author and video maker.


Lesson 1: Welcome to Concrete

Find out what concrete is really made from and why it's a great material for much more than sidewalks and floor slabs.

Lesson 2: Tools + Supplies

Find the tools you'll need to tackle these easy concrete projects.

Lesson 3: Mixing + Pouring Concrete

Achieving a perfect mix in concrete is what gives it proper strength and aesthetics. While it's not difficult to master, there's a few things you should know before attempting any projects.

Lesson 4: Casting in Pre-made Molds

Get started with concrete by learning to work with pre-made molds. We'll hone the mixing and pouring skills, then make super cute Concrete Drawer Pulls.

Lesson 5: Casting Molds With Voids

Taking concrete casting further this lesson introduces casting with voids, allowing you to make all kinds of creations. After learning how to make voids in castings we'll make a simple Concrete Boot Planter to demonstrate the concepts.

Lesson 6: Casting Unusual Shapes

Moving away from the standard mold forms this lesson looks at different and unusual shapes to use for casting. Not all concrete projects need to be angular, and the Concrete Candle Holders project in this lesson will show you how.

Lesson 7: Concrete Finishing

There's a secret hiding underneath every concrete casting, beautiful aggregate. To make your concrete project really stand out this lesson covers how to expose the aggregate in your casting and give it a mirror finish.

Lesson 8: Concrete Finishes

Cast concrete is fine on its own, but there's some finishes that can be applied afterwards to seal and protect the work. This lesson explores common finishes and declares a winner on what looks the best.

Lesson 9: Capstone Project - Tabletop Fireplace

Apply all the skills from the lessons in this class to make a custom Tabletop Fireplace that is sure to illuminate and delight the guests at your next dinner party.

Lesson 10: Troubleshooting + Wrap-up

Thanks for taking Introduction to Concrete. See some suggestions to common casting problems and read about the next projects to attempt in concrete.