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Hello and welcome to my hand embroidery class!

In this class, I'll teach you all the basics of hand embroidery. You'll complete two beautiful samplers that will teach you 11 different stitches. I've also included two final class patterns and a tool-themed embroidery border pattern so you can customize the final pattern with your own text!

In addition to stitches, I'll teach you about hoops, floss and fabric, as well as how to make and transfer patterns and finish your embroideries for hanging in hoops.

About the Teacher

Jessy Ratfink is a modern embroidery artist, sewist, crafter and cook. She published her first instructable nearly 10 years ago and now has over 500 instructables under her belt! She currently works for the Instructables Design Studio making awesome things full time. In her down time, she makes hand embroidered art for her Etsy shop, making jiggy.

To see what she's currently working on, visit her @makingjiggy Instagram page!


Lesson 1: Introduction to Hand Embroidery

This lesson will show you all of the things we'll cover in this class and the projects we'll stitch!

Lesson 2: Tools and Materials for Embroidery

This lesson solely covers the tools and materials needed for this class.

Lesson 3: Choosing Floss and Fabrics

In this lesson, I'll teach you about the different types of floss. I'll also show you how to choose and wash fabric for embroidery.

Lesson 4: Get Your Hoop On

This lesson will teach you all about hoops! We'll go over how to choose the right hoop for your project, how to use a hoop, and how to clean your hoops. I'll also cover different hoop and frame types.

Lesson 5: All About Patterns

In this lesson, you'll learn about patterns! I'll teach you the best places to get free and paid patterns, how to transfer patterns to fabric, and also how to make your own custom patterns.

Lesson 6: Starting and Ending Floss

In this lesson, I'll cover different ways to start and end your floss. We'll go over regular knots, waste knots, and weaving in floss ends.

Lesson 7: Basic Stitch Sampler

In this lesson, you'll learn 6 stitches while making a mountain embroidery, including: chain stitch, backstitch, split stitch, straight stitch, running stitch & satin stitch.

Lesson 8: Floral Stitch Sampler

In this lesson, you'll learn 5 stitches while making a floral embroidery, including: woven wheel stitch, fly stitch, stem stitch, petal stitch, and French knots.

Lesson 9: Washing, Drying and Blocking Embroidery

In this lesson, I'll show you how to wash your embroideries to remove all the pattern marks. I'll also show you the best techniques for drying your embroideries based on your chosen finish.

Lesson 10: Finishing and Framing in Hoops

Now we'll finally get our sampler finished and ready to hang! I'll cover a few different techniques for finished hooped embroideries.

Lesson 11: Tips for Embroidering + Final Class Pattern

In the final lesson, you'll have a choice of two final patterns to stitch. I'll teach you some tips and tricks for figuring out how you'd like to stitch the final pattern you choose!

Lesson 12: What to Embroider Next + Resources

In this bonus lesson, I'll share some projects on the site you can try to tackle next, as well as some embroidery inspiration sources. :D