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Welcome to the wonderful world of adhesives. Follow along on a journey of learning about how to stick stuff together without using fasteners, hardware, stitches, etc. No holes allowed! (Well, maybe a few, but we'll get to that later.)

This class is designed so that you may explore the universe of adhesives by type, but without a specific course trajectory. Some lessons will reference one another, and if you follow along sequentially we will move from craft glues to industrial adhesives.

Each lesson will go over what different kinds of adhesives are made out of, what they are suited for, common repairs, and a creative project with that glue.

About the Teacher

I'm an Instructables success story! After relying on the site to DIY my way through art school, I was able to join the Instructables Design Studio in 2012. It's the best!

When I'm not working on super sweet DIY projects for Instructables,I'm expanding my conceptual, art portfolio building custom electronics for musical performance, and photographing interesting litter I find in urban areas.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started With Glue

Dive into the world of adhesives to discover the glues we work with in this class and a few tips to get you started.

Lesson 2: Tools and Materials for Glue

This lesson is your complete guide to tools and materials used frequently in this class. We will also emphasize basic techniques and vocabulary when it comes to working with adhesives

Lesson 3: Glue Sticks

This class will have you revisiting your first adhesive applicator ever, the glue stick! We will go over some techniques and options for this age-old classic.

Lesson 4: White Glue

PVA, in my opinion, is the world's most useful glue. This lesson will go over a fantastic repair, and a crafty project that turns an classic craft supply into a some super fun shelving.

Lesson 5: Hot Glue

This class will go how to use a hot glue gun, why they should be in every home, a few clever tips, and a fun project that will test your skills at reloading a glue gun over, and over, again.

Lesson 6: Rubber Cement and Contact Cement

We'll go over the different kinds of cement available, what they are used for, and the kinds of repairs you can make with both rubber and contact cement, before we dive into a fun decorative project.

Lesson 7: Industrial Adhesives

This class introduces working with precision glue applicators, and how they can be useful for making repairs. This lesson's project is perhaps my favorite of the entire course :)

Lesson 8: Fabric Glue

This lesson will guide you through the options you have when it comes to textile bonding and some techniques in application.

Lesson 9: Wood Glue

Wood glue is awesome! This lesson highlights how wood PVA penetrates wood fibers, and wraps with an illuminating project!

Lesson 10: Spray Adhesives and Mounts

Spray Adhesive, fastest glue in the west! This lesson will go over some handy tips to get rid of overspray, and end with a fun retro project.

Lesson 11: Epoxies

In this capstone class, we will go over working with resins and hardeners as an adhesive - then smash our way through a really beautiful repair.

Lesson 12: You Stuck With It!

That's a wrap! Check out this lesson to get inspired by some great glue projects on Instructables. Thanks for following along!