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Laser Cutting Class


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The Laser Cutter is every maker's dream tool. Whether you want to etch detailed graphics, cut intricate patterns, or fabricate complex 3D objects, this tool will make your life much easier. In this class, you'll get started with a box-making web app, then learn the basics of custom cutting and pattern etching with 2D graphics . You'll also learn how to make CAD designs into 3D objects in Fusion 360– an awesome (and free) 3D modeling program. Whether you've got access to a laser cutter or not, this class will teach you everything you need to know to make your own high-tech creations.

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If you've created a project that involves lighting, write an instructable about it and enter the Lighting Contest for a chance to win your very own Full Spectrum laser cutter and other amazing prizes!

Class Author:JON-A-TRON

Jonathan Odom is a professional designer with more than 10 years of experience in CNC design and fabrication. He has used the laser cutterfor complex architectural models, industrial design prototypes, and dozens of other projects on Instructables. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally, published online and in print, and is enjoyed by friends, family, collectors, and clients.


Lesson 1: Welcome to Laser Cutting

In this brief orientation, we'll tell you what laser cutting is, what you'll need to do it, and what the tool is capable of.

Lesson 2: Tools and Materials for Laser Cutting

A complete list of tools, materials, and services that will help you follow along with the class.

Lesson 3: Tissue Box Cover From Web App

We'll get our feet wet with a free and easy web app. We'll design and create a tissue box cover and create a 2D layout that's ready for cutting.

Lesson 4: Prepping and Laser Cutting

To make the tissue box cover from the previous lesson, we'll learn how to prep the material, how to set up the machine, and how to get the best results for the finished product.

Lesson 5: 2D Puzzle

Now that we know how to laser cut, we'll learn how to make our own cut and etched design from scratch in Adobe Illustrator with this 2D puzzle project.

Lesson 6: 2.5D Smart Phone Stand

In this lesson, we'll learn the basics of 3D CAD modeling by designing a smart phone stand with interlocking panels.

Lesson 7: 3D Lamp

To build on the 3D skills we just learned, we'll get a little more sophisticated with this deceptively simple 3D lamp project.

Lesson 8: Wrapping Up

Finally, we'll cover some basic troubleshooting and look at some of the awesome projects you'll be able to make with your new skills.

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
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