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Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to interact with an immense, randomly generated world. What you can do is infinite, as nothing is ever the same each time you start a new world.

In this introductory class, you'll get started by learning how to get your game set up and then how to personalize your own Minecraft world. From there you'll learn the basics of gathering resources, crafting supplies, and making tools to make gameplay easier. Once you're ready to explore more of what Minecraft has to offer, you'll learn how to set up farms for a continuous food supply and use your resources to build and outfit a shelter. Finally, you'll go another step further by learning how to use Tinkercad to bring custom 3D models into your Minecraft world.

Get ready to let your imagination take you away as you explore the infinite world of Minecraft.

About the Teacher

Nicole enjoys dabbling in many crafting areas but has also always had a soft spot for video games. When she discovered Minecraft, it was like a whole new world (literally) was opened up to her. She dived in and has been playing ever since. Even with all the hours she has put towards playing, there is always so much more to learn and discover in the immense computer world and she looks forward to every game update that expands it just a little more.

To see more of what she's been working on (including more Minecraft tutorials), check out her Instructables profile.

She also shares some of her crafting and baking adventures on Instagram.


Lesson 1: Welcome to Minecraft

Lesson 2: Minecraft Basics

Lesson 3: Building a Shelter

Lesson 4: Battling Hunger to Stay Alive

Lesson 5: Combating Mobs

Lesson 6: Transforming your world with Tinkercad