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Paper Mache Class


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Paper Mache is a very under-appreciated medium. In this class we'll be exploring some of the most basic materials and techniques used to create different types of paper mache projects. Once you've worked with paper mache, I'm sure you'll agree that it's amazing what you can create with just a few simple, cheap materials! In this basic class, we'll use different kinds of paper mache paste, paper, clay and various armatures to create some simple fun craft projects, costume pieces and home decor. While the projects in this class are relatively simple, they are designed to introduce you to the range of possibilities of this wonderful material and get your imagination working!

Enter an Instructables contest!

If you've created a project with paper maché that uses cardboard, write an instructable about it and enter it in our Cardboard Contest to win some awesome prizes!

Class Author:MikaelaHolmes

Mikaela is a F.I.T. trained costume and experimental fashion designer, who has done her best to make playing dress-up into a career. She has trained in both the costume and fashion design industries, and works with all kinds of materials and techniques including sewing, leatherwork, LEDs, fiber optics, painting, sculpture, laser cutting and 3D printing. She spends most of her time figuring out how to fuse traditional garment design and construction with simple wearable tech to create clothing and accessories that turn her into a time traveling cyborg superhero!

She is a former Artist in Residence at the Autodesk Pier 9 workshop, and currently an in-house content creator for the Instructables Design Studio.


Lesson 1: Intro to Paper Mache

In this intro lesson, you'll learn about the things you can create with paper mache and what we'll be making in this class, the kinds of materials you can use and what kind of workspace and timeframe you'll need to complete your projects.

Lesson 2: Tools and Materials for Paper Mache

A shopping list and links to all the tools and materials we'll be using in this class as well as more info about how we'll be using each tool and material.

Lesson 3: Paper Mache With Glue

Start getting your hands dirty by using a simple paste made out of glue and water, then then try using translucent tissue paper to create a simple lamp or bowl project for your home.

Lesson 4: Paper Mache With Flour

See how you can get different results by using flour and water as a paste with newspaper strips, then apply this technique to a balloon armature to create a custom piñata!

Lesson 5: Paper Mache Clay

"Papiér-mâché" actually means "chewed paper" in French. In this lesson we'll make a version of this original kind of paper mache, a clay made from paper pulp. Then we'll use this clay to add details to a mask we'll create with strips and paste.

Lesson 6: Smoothing and Painting

Here you'll learn some simple methods for smoothing and painting your mask project that can be applied to any paper mache project.

Lesson 7: Taking Paper Mache Further

Finally we'll talk about what we've learned and what projects to tackle now to take your skills to the next level.

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!