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Raspberry Pi Class


10 Lessons

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Beginner Level

In this class, you will learn how to work with the Raspberry Pi board. Throughout the class, you will learn basics such as how to program the RPi how to make music with it, how to take GIFs and more. You will do programming exercises and build simple circuits. This class culminates with a final project of a photo booth.

Enter an Instructables contest!

If you use the skills you learn in this class to create an awesome project, write an instructable about it and enter it in our Microcontroller Contest to win some great prizes!

Class Author:push_reset

Specializing in sewing, soldering and snacking. I teach an interactive fashion and textile class called Wearable and Soft Interactions at California College of the Arts and write documentation and do educational outreach for Next Thing Co.

You can find more about me on my personal website

Class Teacher Assistant:bekathwia


Lesson 1: Welcome!

Welcome to the class! Learn what to expect and the materials needed.

Lesson 2: Tools and Supplies

Find the tools and supplies you'll need to tackle everything in this beginner Raspberry Pi Class

Lesson 3: Get Set Up

Plug in all the accessories and get ready to program your RPi.

Lesson 4: Navigating the RPi's Software: Part 1

Intro to Linux and command-line.

Lesson 5: Navigate the RPi's Software: Part 2

Continue to learn useful commands and how to run a shell script.

Lesson 6: Intro to Sonic Pi and Playing Media

Play music through a radical program called Sonic Pi and how to play audio and videos.

Lesson 7: Intro to Python

Learn how to write a Python program.

Lesson 8: GPIOs + More Python

Learn how to build a circuit, control LEDs, and read a switch.

Lesson 9: Connecting Your RPi to the Web

Connect the RPi to the internet.

Lesson 10: Build a Photo Booth!

Take all the pieces you have created from previous lessons and create a photo booth with them!

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!