*NEW* true trigger system

This is my pistol that features and new trigger system. It works well, uses only 2 pieces, and is easy to install on many knex guns. This is my first knex gun, so any positive comments would be appreciated Enjoy! ps: sorry some of the photos are dark.

Picture of *NEW* true trigger system
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flames103919 years ago
how does it work?
you pull the trigger, and the grey cap slides out of the way of the firing pin
post a pistol using it and i will build it and try it for myself lol
redneckobsessed (author)  flames103919 years ago
i finished it! just look at my instrucables and you will find it
looks cool i will build
redneckobsessed (author)  flames103919 years ago
have you finished my gun? ide like to see u comment on it :P
i built it already...lol i though i commented...haha it is a cool concept for trigger mech and my upcoming gun's mech is slightly based on it so i'll have to tell you when its up haha
redneckobsessed (author) 9 years ago
i will... but like johntsellick said... it slides out.. and sometimes it gets stuck. but not too long ago, i tried shooting the gun with t-trigger, the sharpend knex got stuck in my beanbeg chair:P