~! Knex For Sale !~

Ok So I Have Many Knex Kits For Sale Although I Am Not Leaving Knex Fully Still I Am Cutting Down My Collection And selling Most Of My Knex So I Am Wanting To Sell The Following Kits :

• Starburst Spinner
• Cool Machines Rally Sport
• Pirate Ship Park
• Orange County Choppers ( The Green One )
• Blue Creator Set (#42001 In Blue Storage Box)
• Yellow Set (#43010 In Yellow Storage Box)

I Also Have A Box Full of Spares So If You Want a Certain Piece E.g.

• Cogs
• Balls
• Panels
• Roller Coaster Track holders
• Wheels
• All Types of Rods And Connectors
• Bendy Rods
• Motors
• Chain
• Any Others You Want Ill See If I Have Them
• I Also Have A Couple Of Men

Oh And For The Rods And Connectors Say If You Want Metallic’s Of Normal’s E.g. White Rods can Have White, Silver And Black,

So Comment On What You Want Then Name A Price /An Offer

If You Want Spare Parts Say What Part You Want Also, Quantity, Colour And Also Add A Price / An Offer

I Live In England But I Will Post Out Of England Like To USA But The Postage Price May Be High Dependant On the Weight

All Offers Are Welcome Happy Buying

Knex Mad

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can I have the parts I need free im only 12

I need tubing plz and a son of serpent cart im missing them parts thank you so much

do you have any blue connectors
(Psst, this topic is over three years old.)
do you have any cross ties and tubing
fuzi7 years ago
how much do you want for the starbust spinner and pirate ship park i can get both together for under 20 on ebay
knex mad (author)  fuzi7 years ago
ermm well i have seen the pirate ship park for about £20 And the starburst spinner i have seen for around £15 the pirate ship is in the original box aswell
how much for everything?
knex mad (author)  Doctor Freeman7 years ago
if you mean for all the sets then i have 5 left there if the

yellow 43010 332 pieces
blue creator 42001 375 pieces
cool machines rally cars 230 pieces
starburst spinner 562 pieces
pirate ship 482 pieces

thats just under 2000 pieces

i would say like £90 maybe or make an offer as im opper and very welcomr for offers thanks for the intrest.

Knex mad

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