??? Worst Invention Ever ???

What do you think is the WORST invention ever this goes with my best invention ever Well???...

Picture of ??? Worst Invention Ever ???
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lemonie10 years ago
royalestel10 years ago
that would go great with meret oppeneheim's teacup:
. To me, TV, like the 'Net, is just an extension of the printing press. . But maybe that's just because I got lucky enough to post Printing Press first. I suppose the press is just an extension of printing, which is an extension of language, ... LOL
Danny10 years ago
i thought sum1 would have said k'nex by now =D
Well...I would say god...but that would start a whole nother argument...so...knex...oh wait, that will start one too. Ummm...infomercials
Dude. Rude.
. I took it as a comment on some of the heated discussions around here (which usually involve religion or K'nex). . Controversial? - definitely. Provocative? - probably. Rude? - I didn't think so. Funny? - not exactly ROFLMAO, but it made me smile.
I'm not being rude...I was telling the truth. Nothing wrong with that, If answering the question is being rude, then yeah, I'm rude,
You didn't see my post?
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