£ (pound) sign in the title

I cant get a £ sign in the title of my instructable. it works fine in the main text body of the 'ible but just not in the title!

all i get is a little box with FFFD written in it.

someone said type alt+0163 rather than shift+3 but it didnt do anything. im not clued up on code speak so if answers could be aimed at the layman i am that would be great.

any help?

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lemonie7 years ago
The £ symbol is £
-but it ain't necessarily going to work there.
The site converts that source to £
-where it does work.


NachoMahma7 years ago
.  In the title of this topic, I'm seeing a capital A with a ?caret? over it and then a 'pounds currency' symbol.
.  C&Pd from the title above:

£ (pound) sign in the title

You like to dangle your caret in the oddest places...it's called a circumflex.
.  Ah! Thânks. Î try tô kêêp my cârêt în tôp shâpê fôr thê lâdîês.
That would be a crudité - small vegetables used for dipping.
Pub-quiz mistress pronounced those crud-ites (to our amusement)...

Haha, that's great :D
.  Who told?!?!?
.  Probably the same one that put my name on all those ED meds mail-lists.

.  Oh! If you are seeing the A-caret, you may be able to edit the title and delete it. Just a wild guess.
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