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Here is a rather interesting videos, made by the conservative party in the election.... :-P

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lemonie7 years ago
Sorry, I forgot about this classic Party-Political broadcast:

Kiteman7 years ago

It's the Conservative party that pushed through the decision to close my school (and all the other middle schools in my area), against the wishes and advice of every parent, every teacher, and every education professional consulted.

I don't see them making a video about that...
I see that "Poly-ticks" are not exclusive to the USA....you have the same breed of animal over there too. *sigh*
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
That'd be your Council would it - I thought official Party Policy was the other way (at the moment)?

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
To be honest, the only Tories I've had dealings with have been councillors, either at County or Town level.

My own councillor (at the time of the decision) was a Tory, and we ended up having a very public shouting match about the closure.

We have a Green Councillor now, and I like to think my public confrontations with the Tory (I wrote a lot of letters to the local press) helped bring that about.

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
Yes, at council-level things go local. I'd got this idea that the present gov't was leaning (at least) towards fewer. bigger schools?

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
Apparently, the "ideal" size for a high school is 1200 pupils.

Personally, I consider any school over 600 pupils to be too large and impersonal.  We have 450 (ish).  I know every child by sight, at least half by name (when they are in front of me).  Every child knows me and my reputation.  The parents know me.  I speak to almost every member of staff almost every day.

Kitewife's current school is 1800 kids - she doesn't even know who all the staff are, and there are a lot of the kids she has never even seen.  In that kind of school, lots of things slip through the cracks.

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
I wouldn't disagree with that.

My cousin goes to a highschool of nearly 4000 students. And it's a private school.

My old Catholic boys high school was just under 100 boys. That's much too small.

4-500 I'd say is the ideal size. My current school is about 350, and it seems just a tad too small, but definitely better than either of those two extremes.
Odd how such decisions often fly in the face of popular, professional and employee opinions...

Then again having met some of the boards and committees involved in such things it's not a shock, despite the number of consultations they arrange they'll ignore them all if it suits. 

Obviously its a wee bit different but the 'type' of person involved is often the same... Not to generalize... 
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