1 year Pro Membership Give-away: Pet Photography Competition

I noticed that there are a lot of pet owners here at Instructables.  I'd love to see photographs of your pets.  Post photographs of your pets here and win a FREE ONE YEAR PRO MEMBERSHIP!

Remember though this is photography contest, not who has the cutest pet.  So post your best shots, think about lighting, background and focus.  Good luck!


  Winners Announced:

Grand Prize (Best Photo): 1 year Pro Membership Winner lilarry

Best Cat Photo: 3 month Pro Membership Winner ZoDo
Best Dog Photo:3 month Pro Membership Winner Happyjo
Best *Other Pet Photo:3 month Pro Membership  Winner Goodhart

All entries receive a patch of your pet!

Picture of 1 year Pro Membership Give-away: Pet Photography Competition
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ChrysN (author) 6 years ago
Winners announced!
A-Nony-Mus6 years ago
Isn't that a little mean?
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ChrysN (author) 6 years ago
Sure, which photo would you prefer as a patch?
Number 3 please.
My boyfriend found this kitty tonight... she doesn't have a name yet. :D But we're keeping her!
ChrysN (author)  jessyratfink6 years ago
She's so sweet
how about you name her furryratfink.
ElvenChild6 years ago
could we take pictures of other peoples pets as I know longer have one (I moved and had to leave my chickens behind)?
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