1.5 Litre Waterbottles, Lots of them.. what can I do with them!

Hi there! I live in an area that I've got to buy bottled water because the water here isnt so good. So every week I go through like 12 bottles of water. We have recycling, but going down to the recycling bin every couple days is annoying. So I figured that there must be something I can do with them. I can do planting and such, so I'm looking into that. But in reality I cant plant 300 different plants! So what sort of things do you think I could do with all these bottles?

Thanks for the comments guys (gals)! Some of these ideas are really really good! I just either (a) lack the lake/body of water to build the rafts (b) have no desire to launch myself into the air (c) or live where it doesn't rain....

Either way, I love these ideas. I thought this topic got buried! THANKS!!

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chuckr449 years ago
I use mine to deep water my tomato plants. Cut off bottom, invert jug, and put into ground 6-8 inches so it won't fall over. Fill with water and the water slowly seeps into the ground where it won't evaporate in the hot summer months. Periodically remove any trash (leaves, grass, etc) that falls in.
joelkemu9 years ago
Line them all up and surf along them on a snowboard or wheelless skateboard Jackass2 style.
Rishnai9 years ago
One guy in our neighborhood has been saving all his gallon milk jugs for forty years. He puts colored lights in them and decorated his yard and house every Christmas. He even builds jug trees and one time a jug sleigh. You could do something like that. You could buld a big rainwater collection rig that fills up the bottles. You could melt them down and cast them into shapes, which you sell. You could build a water bottle rocket... lots of them. Arrange them into a jetpack and try to fly like the mythbusters, or pu them all over your car and see how much thrust you can get. You could make plastic suits of armor. You could build a house. I'm serious, people have built houses out of tires and beer cans that hardly need to be heated or cooled, the insulation is good enough.
The Dark Ninja (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
Jug trees and lights? Sounds odd, but somehow interesting! :D Not sure if PET plastic is safe to melt at home in a DIY environment. I've heard that PET plastic doesn't melt so good. But I had given plastic melting a quick look. Only problem with rain-water collection is.. it doesn't rain here but 3 months of the year. I didn't believe that at first, and then when I got here it turns out to be totally true. There isnt enough rain to collect when it does rain! (Except when it causes floods, but in that situation I don't want to collect water, I want to leave! LOL!) Botte rocket, I saw that video of that Asian guy.. not so interested in doing that now. :-) And for now, I'm forced to live in government housing, so building an additional house would just be.. um.. wierd. These are all good ideas too!!
zachninme9 years ago
To actually solve the problem, what about getting those giant jugs of water? The kind you see in water coolers @ offices? Although its not going to be as cheap nor as green as tap, but its still a ton better than bottled.
The Dark Ninja (author)  zachninme9 years ago
I like that idea, and actually considered it. I dont have the ability to get those bottles where I live though. They would make for some neat projects too!
That's a good idea...we have a water cooler that we use for drinking water in my house. The nice thing is that the water company delivers and picks up all the water for you.
Steamdnt9 years ago
Ive always wanted to try this
Water bottle jet pack
The Dark Ninja (author)  Steamdnt9 years ago
Holy Crap! What was he thinking! I guess it worked better than he expected it to!!
Labot20019 years ago
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