10 x 3 month pro membership up for grabs! (ENDED)

If there is anyone who has never got a pro membership and wants a 3 month pro membership , let me know. I want to give away 10 as an appreciation to the community for helping me :-).
Leave me a message and I'll send you the code. But there is a condition. You have to activate it within 3 days. Else it will be null and void. This is so that I can easily keep track of which membership is given. :-)

Phillistine10 months ago

hook me up please!

shazni (author)  Phillistine10 months ago

Please check your inbox :-)

superslayer10110 months ago

i want one plz

shazni (author)  superslayer10110 months ago

Done!.Check your inbox please

Cymro7610 months ago

I would love one if you have any left :)

shazni (author)  Cymro7610 months ago

Yes...I think yours is the last. Check your PM

pops136810 months ago

Any left??

shazni (author)  pops136810 months ago

Yes...check you PM :-)

elkomkom10 months ago

Any left, if so, Please give- TX!

shazni (author)  elkomkom10 months ago

Yes. Check your inbox. Have fun :-)

Atul00910 months ago

I would love to have one!!, if somethings left

shazni (author)  Atul00910 months ago
Yes....I have. Check your inbox. I replied to your PM:-)
Birchbales11 months ago

This is very generous of you! If there are any codes left, I would sincerely appreciate one. There is a Hobbes plush tutorial that caught my eye!

shazni (author)  Birchbales11 months ago

instructable has been generous to me ! I see you are a brand new member. Welcome! Hope to see an instructable from you :-).

Check your inbox :-)

sfannin2111 months ago

any left?

shazni (author)  sfannin2111 months ago

yes :-) check your inbox. Have fun with it!

AliSaab11 months ago

Would you still have this? May I ask for one please?

shazni (author)  AliSaab11 months ago

you still haven't used your membership. Please use it else I might accidently give it away

shazni (author)  AliSaab11 months ago

yes I do :-) . Check your messagesf !

kjsrocks1 year ago

this sounds like fun!

If there are any left than Thank you so much

PDFS here i come

shazni (author)  kjsrocks12 months ago

You are welcome :-)

Check your inbox. Please activate it ASAP as I might accidentally give it to someone if it's still in my profile!

kjsrocks shazni12 months ago


lisamaria1 year ago

Oh I would really like one! Are there any left? :)

shazni (author)  lisamaria1 year ago

Yes! Check your Inbox :-)

Have fun!

can i get one or am i too late

shazni (author)  Michelle Batson1 year ago

Yes you can! actually you are only the second :-)

Already sent...Check your Messages !

JM19991 year ago

Can I get one of these to give out as a prize for something?

shazni (author)  JM19991 year ago

sure.:-) as long as they activate it soon. How about; when the prize is due you send me a private message and I'll send you the code. I can give you the code now, but if you don't activate it soon I might accidently give it to someone else.

JM1999 shazni1 year ago

I will PM you when I am ready for the code, Thanks for the help!

shazni (author)  JM19991 year ago

My pleasure :-)

JM1999 shazni1 year ago

I just had one of my 'ibles featured so I won't need it anymore! Thanks for the option though!

shazni (author)  JM19991 year ago

Hey that's great! Congratulations! ! Kerp it up :-D

JM1999 shazni1 year ago


JM1999 shazni1 year ago

I just had one of my 'ibles featured so I won't need it anymore! Thanks for the option though!

antoniraj1 year ago

hi shazni, I was thinking on the same lines and you posted first...

ok.. I got 10 three months' pro membership to deserving persons... you should have posted atleast one instructable which has not been featured. Please pm me and I will send the code

shazni (author)  antoniraj1 year ago

Yay! now there are 20 :-) . I was expecting people to want it like real quick. But seems like people are unaware of it.