10 Best Electronics Suppliers

First off, I would like to give notice to Electronics Projects for Dummies for most of this info.

I wanted to make a site with many of the best sites to buy Electrical Parts, because it can sometimes be a strenuous activity. I have 10 here, because if you can't find something on one online store, you might be able to find it on the next.

Reynolds Electronics
Reynolds Electronics is a good supplier of remote control components, micro controllers, and robot kits and parts. One feature that stands out on Reynolds Web site is the clear and helpful project/circuit tutorials. You can also find links for educational books on topics such as robotics and microcontrollers.

Hobby Engineering
Hobby Engineering is a sit slanted towards the hobbyist. This site carries some useful items that can be harder to find from other providers who are catered towards the corporate customer. it also has a good supply of micro-controllers, robot kits, parts, ad miscellaneous components and tools.

All Electronics
All Electronics has an incredible selection of many of the useful items you would use to build your project. They are very inexpensive and it is easy to find your way around the site. This site also has a "consumer comments" section where the consumers get to talk about the quality of the product and more. (Thank you westfw)

BG Micro
BG Micro is a cool site for rare and pretty neat gadgets as well as a nice selection of alot of the items one will need for a weekend project. There is also a very nice search engine at the top which lets you search for an item you can't find on the left. (Thank you Las Vegas)

Jameco Electronics
Jameco has a very nice site catalog. It's not very big that you sspect a forest was sacrificed in its making. I has great color photos with relatively easy to find components. This is one supplier wih a low price fuarantee which means that if you can show a part offered for less, the lesser price is honored. jameco also provides lower priced generic products as well as name brands.

Digi-Key is a large distrbutor of components from various manufacturers, offering a very large catalog with lots and lots of choices. However, the site uses small print that might be hard to ead. The catalog includes line drawings but o part photos, but it does do an excellant job of labeling the parts. Overall, Digi-Key has a huge selection of products, but they might need a little looking to find them.

Mouser Electronics
Mouser Electronics
Another large distributor of components from various manufacturers is Mouser. I like how Mouser's site allows you to compile separate orders for different projects. You can come backa s many times as you like to complete your order and make your purchase. We also like how Mouser label parts because the labels are easy to read and provide alot of information about the specific part.

Like Digi-Key, Mouser provides a very large catalog.

Everyone knows Radioshack!. This electronics convenience store is pretty much like any food convenience store: CONVENIENT BUT EXPENSIVE. If you are stuck at 4:30 on a Sunday afteroon needing a small part to keep working on your project, this store is right for you. Be aware that not all radioshack are equal.

Fry's Electronics
Fry's Electronics
Fry's has stores in nine states, and if you are lucky enough to live near one you can browse the isles in person. Fry's stocks all kinds of electronics and parts including an EXCELLANT selection of IC chips.

Goldmine Electronics
Goldmine Electronics
If you are in the market for bargains, try Electronic Goldmine.. This online store often offers sepcials that can save you money. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Electronics Goldmine offers great help with international orders and also offers wholesale items on auction on eBay.

Quick Tip: Try clicking Electronic Goldmine Treasure Ball for the best deals!

Futurelec offers a very nicely done site with color photos of the parts that makes for easy browsin. Futurelec also offers semicnductor news links and also links to recently added parts to help you keep on the top of the latest and greatest as well as PCB design and manufacturing services.

[htpp:// Maplin]
The British suppplier Maplin has stores scattered around the U.K. and also offers an online store.
Unlike electronic gadgets and appliances that operate on different voltages in European contries, electornic components are pretty standard. Although Maplin will ship overseas, you might want to check out U.S. Suppliers first.

Sparkfun was originally a PCB Manufacturer, and turned in to a company well beyond their expectations! They have a large variety of PCBs, LEDs, and MANY more everyday electronics components. The site is well organized with so much to choose from!

i would like to get sim900 GSM module and 8051 micro-controller in bulk can anyone please help me out as i need to buy it in cheapest cost around the globe.

Hello Rajat.

My mail ID-

How much you want. I am working in CEPL India. Its a distributor of Electrical & Electronics Component. I would be very happy to help you with your requirements,I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Anyone know where i can get a large number of white LEDs with resistors built in?


Hello Sir,

So you want a White LEDs with inbuilt resistors. How much you want.

My mail id--

CEPL India is a electrical and electronics component distributor.

I need them to be dome type and 3mm or less

Hi there,

My name is Tom Woodward and I am currently working for Icarus Technology a Kent based sales company. I would be very happy to help you with your requirements, please contact me on my email I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can help you.


Tom Woodward

Hi Tom!

I'm in the process of designing a specialty clock that will need small white leds with resistors built in. Not quite at the point yet in design where i can install them yet. But once I get there I will give you another email to discuss further what you have. Thanks for replying!

akhanov2 months ago

And also check out for coupons and deals.

dturner272 months ago

I always check deals online to buy electronics online and always found best deals at

akhanov2 months ago

I usually check for deals online got some good on deals site for electronics on and I have not found any better deals like these.

trask2 months ago

Reynolds Electronics appears to be no more.

Ive been using core electronics

They are a pretty new online company, but have got lots off cool stuff just for makers. Their customer service is also very good, and you can get a pro maker account which allows you to make a commission on sales.

RobertM123 months ago

Beware of Futurlec!

Customer service is very poor. I placed an order a month before I was notified that half of it was out of stock. Subsequently, they have not responded to 3 emails I have sent and I cannot speak to a representative on the phone. It has been 6 weeks and I do not have my order filled yet. I'll never purchase from them again.

I would recommend removing them from your best electronic distributor list.

DanielleL3 months ago

Please check out We are an unlimited franchised distributor of electronic components in the US.

nprajapati22 years ago
Dear Friends

I need IXYS IGBT part nuber is VKI 50-12P1----------------2NOs.

pls suggest me possible source
mc102 nprajapati23 months ago

Veda883 months ago

This instructable is fully for non-europe based people. Even for the single shop that might be interestig for europe people you are advicing to look at US suppliers.

America is not the only country in the world, people!!

dturner275 months ago

Check for buy electronics online with

To get the best electronics for the cheapest prices visit

nimaina6 months ago

Add to the list. I think they're great.

JM1999 nimaina6 months ago is an awesome place for small hobbies!

phidgetsinc7 months ago

Check out (the little sibling to Shipping usually takes a long time (most products come from China), but you can order small quantities of practically anything, including electronics. I've ordered a number of things from different retailers without any issues (besides the wait time).

Toga_Dan7 months ago

if radio shack folds, will there still be any bricks n mortar electrnc places?

jwoods109 months ago

I am selling on an ebay a few electronic parts. I have some 270ohm 6 pin sip resistors, 619 ohm,1/16W smd resistors, and thousands of small load 2n3906 transistors(Used by Arduino Rasberry Pi ect...). I have several more things to post for sale come monday. 2Watt resistors, 470uf 25v capacitors, ect... if anybody needs any custom lots of what I'm selling, pm me either here or on ebay and I'll make it.

jwoods10 jwoods109 months ago

Guess it would help if we had a link to my ebay, but it won't let me. My user id is electronicsmapsmore

damianmitchell11 months ago

I have a new shop, selling "new and surplus electronic components, at hopefully the best prices, stocking relevant components for electronics hobbyists, sort of like your local electronics shop did, before it closed down in the 90's."

We are mostly for customers in the EU, (delivery within a few days and no Import taxes), but will ship worldwide.

Tbus1 year ago

I've had pretty good luck with they are the bookstore for Cleveland Institute of Electronics. They mostly have parts kits for their training courses but they offer help from the instruction staff if you need a question answered.

akinich2 years ago
I am selling electronic components on ebay for really cheap prices
i make custom part bags
and i can get requested parts for cheap (any quantity and specs)
shipping depends on the final quantity and mainly to usa
if your interested pm me and i will direct you to my ebay page
oddWires2 years ago
You may not have heard of oddWires ( but we're an up and coming company specializing in Arduino, audio and low-cost component packs for hobbyists & professionals alike. Some unique offerings include the PT2322 audio processing ship with a library to enable you to control your 5.1 amp from your Arduino. Example sketch & library available. Authorized Arduino Distributor.

scott_shot2 years ago
Great post, anyone mention
Maybe not tech specific but there are good components to be found.
alika123 years ago
Great list.  I'd like to add and to it.
dresch3 years ago
Great selection of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic products. Nothing but excellent in terms of customer response also.
is also excellent.

Also check out :
Great service, great prices. Cool products.
The awesome Teensy and other stuff.

I would not be an EE if it weren't for DigiKey. Honestly.
blkhawk3 years ago
I could add MPJA. They have all sorts of electronic components.
crob093 years ago
This is a great resource!! I am book marking this for sure!


Rob from
Robohotic3 years ago
Very nice List, But you missed the best website : , best prices, best service. Because I live in New Zealand and very few websites will deliver to NZ I use Tayda all the time and of course Ebay.
mmcmac5 years ago
I haven't have much luck with Electronic Goldmine.  Not only do
they sit on orders forever despite their advertising to the contrary.
But when (not if) they ship you defective merchandise the response
from them is "hey, it's all surplus stuff.  You get what you get."   Nice.

I had the misfortune of having the owner pick up the phone
once when I called to inquire on quantity availability of an item.
He essentially barked at me for expecting them to have quantity
stock of the item (even though it was advertised on their website
in quantity) and went on about how they "buy the remains of
companies going down", and quickly ended the call.  Nice.

Their shipping "policy" is equally suspect.  You pay a surcharge
over the UPS rate and they don't even pack the purchased
items competently.  That winds up as shipping damage and you
get to pick up the phone for another cycle of abuse.

Wish I had a more positive experience here but I thought it
was worth sharing with other prospective customers.

static mmcmac3 years ago
Of course YMMV is always in force, but I have never had any complaints for Electronic Gold Mine, orders where delivered as fast as I could expect, and packaged well enough so I have never received damaged merchandise. Well they do sell surplus items, and caveat peremptory is generally accepted to in play, unless the seller expressly says they are tested items. When we go looking to buy items for a bargain, we should be surprised if we receive bargain merchandise.
mmcmac static3 years ago
I even forgot I left this review as EG hasn't even entered my thoughts until
I saw this follow up comment.

I suspect they won't be around too much longer. If I wait that long for
incidentals to be shipped I can effectively wait for evilbay sold products
from Chinese vendors -- who incidentally are more willing to work with
the customer in my experience compared to the hostile "customer
service" automatons at EG. But by all means if you are enamoured
with their service, send your money there.
unfortunately, I'd have to agree. My last order shipped with one item that was out of stock (but was in stock when I placed the order according to the on-site inventory). They also sat on my order for 10 days for no apparent reason.

Maybe this is some guy's part time hobby business, but that's totally unacceptable in the internet age. If I order online, I expect the order in the mail within 48 hours with a tracking number emailed to me before the package is handed over to shipping.
LasVegas8 years ago
Come to think of it... One very important one is missing...

BG Micro
Some of the coolest and rarest gadgets at the best prices.
looks good - boookmarketed
Brennn10 (author)  LasVegas8 years ago
I will also add BG Micro, its a cool site, thanks!
nice collection...
here are my favourites (wow its cheap!) (amazing community) (not mentioned!) (CANADIAN and home of the very awesome Ardweeny) (super super super cheap)
electronics goldmine (weird place) (not mentioned, asia based)
mouser (expensive shipping to canada and some items you cant find anywhere else)
digikey (fastest shipping on the planet)
Ian013 years ago
I suggest Sphere*. They seem to focus on used test equipment (meters, scopes, etc.) but they also have lots of different kinds of parts, e.g. heat sinks, obscure ICs, vacuum tubes, Nixie tubes, a huge variety of fans, RF stuff, HV stuff. Some items are used and some are new. The only disadvantage is that they're often sold out of some items because they have such limited quantities.

*Be aware that the website is filled with tables and bright colours.
jasonarnot4 years ago
Good list. In Vegas we have two PC Hardware choices: OutletPC or Frys.  OutletPC has really good deals on hard to find stuff and cables.  Frys is hit or miss.
oweng40004 years ago
frys is good but their customer service sucks. They also do not stock the NTE replacement for CD40106, and only have a smt replacement for CD4093.
Phoebe3024 years ago
I have searched a lot information about China mobile phones and find mainly sells electronics and the mobile phones are much cheaper than other ones'. So i ordered on it and got my order without any trouble. I am quite satisfied.
mestricto5 years ago
This is a really handy post, thanks.  But to constructively criticize a bit - please find an editor friend, or at the very least run it through an english spelling/grammar checker to fix all the typos and transpositions.  It'll only help!

(hah, and I just had to fix my own mistake.  Even so, it's only a comment - the article really would do well cleaned up a bit)
radioshak is a rip off
what are you doing? why are you are making mostly pointless comments on one post in every section?
well radio shack is a rip-off and not all of them are pointless!
most are trying to mean something!
blkhawk5 years ago
allkelectronics is awsome
jeff-o5 years ago
Be sure to check out I recently bought a small quantity of very rare "bucket brigade delay" ICs that everyone else was selling for $10-$20 a pop! Here they were $5 or less.

But of course, they have modern devices too. Just enter in what you want and they contact you with a quotation for the cost. It's a few more hoops to jump through than Digikey or Mouser, but the prices are fantastic and they have parts no-one else has anymore.
gmoon jeff-o5 years ago
Oh!!!! Did you find any SAD-1024 chips? It doesn't pop up in a quick search (I'll check again later today, when time allows..)
jeff-o gmoon5 years ago

According to the stock status they have between 10 and 100 of them. Dunno how much they'll be. You'll need to request a quote.

I ordered MN32xx-series parts, myself.
gmoon jeff-o5 years ago
Thanks. I'm almost afraid to ask for a quote--last time I saw a quantity for sale, they were 80+ Euros per... (These were the BB chips in a lot of Electro-Harmonix, MXRs, and similar vintage stompboxes. I have one from a trashed "Electric Mistress" pedal, but I've always been afraid to test it, lest I brick the thing.)
jeff-o gmoon5 years ago
It won't hurt to ask. They'll be very eager to sell you something, but if the price is too high then the price is too high. I like this site because they happily deal in small quantities and will ship to individuals, which is very different from most semiconductor graveyards!
gmoon jeff-o5 years ago
jeff-o gmoon5 years ago
Well, I went ahead and requested a quote for these, since I was getting a quote for something else at the same time. I'm very interested to see how much these will be!!
gmoon jeff-o5 years ago
Ah, cool. Give us an FYI; I haven't gotten around to doing that...
jeff-o gmoon5 years ago
Results are in! Your SAD1024 chips are $12 US each. I'm thinking of buying a few and selling them on eBay for a profit!
gmoon jeff-o5 years ago
What's the meme? It goes something like : Buy parts .... Profit! But yeah--you could certainly resell those for a buck.
jeff-o gmoon5 years ago
I think I can fill that in for you: Step 2: markup Since your chip is $12, you can buy a single piece if you want to. Shipping will be another $8. That's a lot less than 80 euro!
gmoon jeff-o5 years ago
I'll drop a PM tonight.

This site has two for sale:

34 EUR (Used & Tested) and 38 EUR (Brand New - Unused). Not 80 Euro, but you could make a profit...
junits155 years ago
Does anybody know how to find LEDs in digikey? I have looked for hours and cant find what im looking for! All I want is a standard 5mm blue LED
type in "LED" (without the quotes) in the search engine on their first page.

Scroll down to "optoelectronics" and choose

LEDs <75mA or LEDs >75mA

It will refer to a new page with a selection chart. Choose blue for the color, Round 5mm for the lens style, thru-hole (presumably you want thru hole?) for mounting type, and then press the Apply Filters button etc.
pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it
Thanks soooo much!
yourcat5 years ago
wazzup3335 years ago
one of the sites listed here doesn't exist or you have wrote down the wrong url, also there is a few spelling mistakes and you could also mention that maplin is quite expensive too.
Brennn10 (author) 8 years ago
If anyone has any questions, just PM me.
Is it okay to ask questions by comments? :-) I am right now making an instructable with a list of manufactures and suppliers that has free samples, and I also want to add 'the best suppliers' step to my instructable. And my question is: Is it okay if I can copy your write up on the best suppliers on this forum and credit you?
Brennn10 (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
Go for it!
Thank you! :-)
needitbadly6 years ago
Hi guys! I am compiling a list of online electronic store price lists to see which one have the cheapest electronic components and i need your help! Visit my webpage ( to check the latest price list i have and contribute your share of good and cheap online stores. Its simple to update as i use google docs (do not need a google account, just email me for access). Thanks!
Plasmana6 years ago
Heres another electronic supplier, Farnell, they are an UK electronic supplier, they have a very wide range of electronics at cheap prices...
farnell is good,since I live in Malaysia,and they have a branch here.So my order can be sent the next day;)
treg6 years ago
sure electronics have some interesting prices on bulk buy for resistors, capacitors, ...
lol, i live bout 5 mins from a radioshack, and a frys, sweet. ima try ebay though, but good info!
gmoon7 years ago
You're missing one of the best, IMO: Sparkfun electronics

Great proto boards, project stuff (and inexpensive shipping if you only order an IC or two...)
Big Bwana gmoon6 years ago
Ya and they have some really neat items like GPS modules and they are cheap...
Brennn10 (author)  gmoon7 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
Maplin are poor - variable, inadequate stocks, especially in branches. Not helped by staff with little/no useful kowledge. Or maybe that's just their Norwich branch.
Yeah, I don't like maplin anymore, they were good in the past but not now, and even worse, maplin had stop stocking a lot of electronic parts and becoming more and more like a computer part store.
today i bought 5ft of EL Wire from xoxide its a pretty good site, standard shipping is 3 to 10 business days, thats not too bad for $2 shipping
ry259206 years ago
Eric should really put this as a permanent top on the list
westfw ry259206 years ago
I moved it to the new "resources" category; that should help. For a while, anyway.
Patrik westfw6 years ago
I added a bunch of keywords as well - that'll make it easier to find. Hm... do we need a "Related" feature for forum topics, like we have for instructables? Makes sense - we do have similar topics come up over an over again.
Brennn10 (author)  Patrik6 years ago
Thanks guys!
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
I really like Mouser, but they send that MONSTER catalog every 3 months now. I need to get on the site and see if I can unsubscribe to their paper mail - I recycle them, but it still makes me feel bad to see all of that wasted paper (one catalog every 6 months or year would do for me, because I mostly shop online and only browse the catalog when I'm bored.) Thanks for the other links, too, there were a few I'd never been to.
sksmerc7 years ago
Thanks for posting this. I'm new to the DIY idea, and these sites look useful for gathering equipment.
westfw8 years ago
Fry's here in silicon valley has been going downhill WRT electronics parts; used to be all sorts of neat stuff, now it's mostly NTE replacement parts. Sigh.

You didn't mention All Electronics, which I rate slightly upscale from Electronics Goldmine and BG Micro. One interesting feature I haven't seen elsewhere is a "customer comments" section for each item, sometimes containing pointers to more extensive information, and relatively frequently containing some useful insights...

Also Futurlec which has some very low prices on items that are normally overpriced elsewhere (like Prototyping PCBs and Stripboard
(but they're slower than many other vendors.)
Brennn10 (author)  westfw8 years ago
I will add All Electronics, thank you for your input.
westfw8 years ago
BTW, DIgikey has a very good search engine on their web site...
LasVegas8 years ago
Very nice compilation. Thanks for all the hard work.