10 Positive Traits of Aspies. (People with Aspergers Syndrome)

Picture of 10 Positive Traits of Aspies. (People with Aspergers Syndrome)
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Goodhart5 years ago
Here's one for those that think differently (those outside the spectrum):

‎"to say that they (people on the autism spectrum) lack empathy is an insult...because they are some of the kindest people i know."
~Tony Attwood
Goodhart5 years ago
A pair of links that are relative:

Link #1....


Link #2
crapflinger8 years ago
a microsoft division that employs ONLY people with autism spectrum disorders

and i can't find the link to the article...but there's another software company that is exclusively hiring people with autisum spectrum disorders...the only "normal" (sorry...can't think of a better way to write that...open for suggestions) people who work there are the receptionists and janitors
I am starting to understand why some persons with AS get so tired of hearing the negative naysaying about them......and why they don't care to be around most folks.....
Doesn't it say:  40 employees, of which 31 have ASD?
....i didn't notice that...


correction should be that they employ MOSTLY people with asd
Lateral Thinker (author)  crapflinger8 years ago
Correct, refer to my reply to Goodhart.

Of course  >:-)

Sorry, I was being persnickety
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart8 years ago

The other nine do the cleaning, keep the coffee pot going, and the rest of the unskilled work.

Us Aspies think logical, you are failing us, consider yourself told off please.

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