100 Instructables!!! What should I build for #100?!?!

100 Instrutables!!!

Three years in the making, but its finally coming, which is why I'm leaving it up to you guys, my subscribers, to decide what I build next!!!

It has been a crazy three years, so to give back to all of you awesome people, I'm giving you guys a chance to vote on what I build next!!!

Thanks for all of the support, and there are many more K'NEX guns to come!!!

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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random_builder11 months ago

Wow. 100 instructables of knex guns. Maybe you could somehow make a minigun that when you pull the trigger it turns on a motor that spins the barrel.

Locus - Black Ops 3!!!


a gun from halo? 0_o

You know, I was just thinking the same thing... if only to find the time...

Red is back!

Yay red!

Kona-chan2 years ago








You like that Mutant, don't you? I got to hold one once, and it seems like a pretty nice gun.

I love the mutant, AK Caliber on an AR-15 platform, long barrel with standard underbarrel and above barrel rails, open to lots of mods, just love it!

Yep. It's pretty cool.

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