$100 off Glowforge

Glowforge is giving Instructables members $100 off their new line of 3D laser printers! Pick one up today by following the link below to access the discount! Offer valid through October 28th and will be automatically applied when you click the link.


Picture of $100 off Glowforge

Shipping Fees: $954.00 - Woops! (Belgium)

Too bad I have no sponsor, would love the pro model - finally a laser that does what you always wanted.
I want one! :(

JesusS12 years ago

I've been waiting couple of years for the right 3D laser printer

Well this is it !

jmsiefer2 years ago

As an existing "laser cutter" owner, I would be interested in finding out if the software can be purchased independently, and if so, how much. There are certain times that I would like to use 123D Make, but either don't have an internet connection, and/or would like the project to remain confidential for my client. Thanks!