11/20/10 Nominating Instructables to be "Featured" Group

Hello again! I haven't been able to get on instructables lately so I haven't been updating. Good news: I'm back for now. I'm looking for new members so please join! There were so many good instructables to choose from this time but these are the ones that have been nominated:


Pesto Bread by italiancooking
Dutch Oven Thai Curry Noodles by 3leftturns


Blokey Flowers from Electrical Tape for Valentine's Day
by wisechicken


iPhone Stand by laxap
How to make a Duck tape Laptop computer sleeve / cover by innvert


Silence your spanner
by Kiteman

Some new updates are:

Instead of leaving private messages in the nominated author's mailbox, I decided to leave comments. This will allow more people to see that the instructable they were viewing was actually nominated.

New members that have just joined are:


I'm looking forward to see what instructables will be nominated for next time.

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yokozuna6 years ago
I have found another ible I believe to be feature worthy.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
I think this should be featured.
It is featured in category and channel, just not front page.
yokozuna6 years ago
I happened to run into this instructable, which I think deserves a look.
SkysTheLimit (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
I will definitely look at it. Thanks!
BrittLiv7 years ago
Judging by the number of Ibles that actually got featured, you've been really successful! Congratulations!
SkysTheLimit (author)  BrittLiv7 years ago
Thank you! It's great to see them actually featured.
Kiteman7 years ago
When thinking about nominations, don't forget to also think about the featuring checklist.
SkysTheLimit (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Of course I will! :)