12 volt leds

i work at a custom motorcycle shop and use led lights in our fenders. I'm having trouble finding a constant supplier of 1,2,3, sequenced led lights for run light,turn,and brake. Any one can help that would be awesome!

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cbarr600 (author) 4 years ago
Well yes and no we use led interior lights for some of our applications but not all. The biggest thing we've got going on now are turn lights that blink in sequence. And we need a lot of em. The demand is super crazy right now. And he thx for responding
Then standard business practice would be to put out a request for bids or get quotes on your requirements. If you know what you want, how much you need, when you need it, what you're willing to pay, and possibly how much more you'll need in the future, then you can work up a deal. Good luck.
cbarr600 (author) 4 years ago
We are much bigger than that. We buy alot from ali baba in china
so the question is you are looking for a reputable source of automotive LEDs?
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Wouldn't you start with the regular suppliers of the shop? My guess is JC Whitney or see who Pep Boys or Autozone use. Custom body shops must have referrals.