12-year-old designs advanced 3D solar cell

From Slashdot:

12-year-old William Yuan's invention of a highly-efficient, three-dimensional nanotube solar cell for visible and ultraviolet light has won him an award and a $25,000 scholarship from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.

"Current solar cells are flat and can only absorb visible light" Yuan said. 'I came up with an innovative solar cell that absorbs both visible and UV light. My project focused on finding the optimum solar cell to further increase the light absorption and efficiency and design a nanotube for light-electricity conversion efficiency."

Much about his young man is eerily similar to many participants here on Instuctables...

Beaverton Valley Times story
Katu.com story

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docm8trx6 years ago
look towards the bottom of comments. you will find that it is stated the boy's presentation image is identical to dr. Ready's, and the idea is the intellectual property of someone else. Articles DO claim erroneously that the boy invented the cell, not improved it.
ReCreate9 years ago
wait...does this cost more than a normal one?
ReCreate9 years ago
wait when did that happen?
downgrade9 years ago
If people read the articles they would see that he did not take credit for "inventing the 3d solar cell", but he improved upon it. So saying he copied something is like saying the computer was just a copy of the calculator so it wasn't a big deal. (ok that was a bit of a stretch, but it's the point not the degree I am trying to get across). The stuff about commercial sales and cost though, that's always a tough one. People want to be green, but don't want to spend a lot of money (sometimes).
He has designed a neat solar cell, but it remains to be seen whether it is commercially viable to manufacture and robust. Solar cell advances have seen a lot of press in the last 20 years, but we still aren't getting them cheap enough to put on our roofs.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
wow, this is the firsT time I feel somewhat impressed by someone that is a kid
Keith-Kid9 years ago
Makes me feel so underachieved! Oh wait, I'm 14. no biggie.
same here lets focus our thoughts on the up side of global warming!
docm8trx9 years ago
again , not to disparage the boy, but according to jud ready phd. ,pictures the display boards behind the boy in some photos, were directly taken from animations used in the original applications for patent 4 years ago.WITHOUT improvement. dr ready has tried numerous times to contact the boy and family unsuccessfully. dr ready feels that acceptance of the award would be wrong, but offers an invitation to the young man to visit georgia tech,to work with them on the projectif he feels he has impovements to offer.
swampmouse9 years ago
I initiated a simple Yahoo "search" and a large number of websites are listed with that general subject matter, including at least one from MIT (the contents are enlightening). I am sure that this young man is quite bright and deserves praise for his science project, but the headline and subsequent article are somewhat overdone (of course, that is what they are paid to do). However, for someone of his age to even reproduce such research is still an accomplishment and deserving of his prize. Kudos to him, again!!!
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