120v thermostats: need help building or sourcing

I'm planning to build an incubator, and I need something to help regulate the temperature.   I've found some in-line thermostats online, but if I had a parts list, I could easily wire something myself.  Does anyone have any knowledge or experience they can share with me?  Thanks!

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just buy something like this

that will switch 300 watts on 110v
What are you using to apply heat to the area? How would you like to control it? Do you want a digital or analog solution? What is your price limit and how fancy do you want this to be?
awascholl (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
The heat will be supplied by a lightbulb, or potentially a heating pad.
I would like to control it via a knob if analog, and buttons if digial. (I have no digital/analog prference.
Price really isn't an issue as long as the parts are reliable, and it doesn't need to be fancy at all.
Well this coupled with a temp sensor and an Ardiono/other micro controller will cover your needs. You won't need a button or knobs. Just program the temp range you want it to shut off and and what range you want it to turn back on again and your set. Though it will require some programming.

As a matter of fact here is everything you need to know for this project.

awascholl (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
This looks great, and when I have more time to learn about arduinos and such, I'll most likely stick with them. For now, I'm not ready to learn this, and would rather stick to something plug-and-play if possible.
Then buy an off the shelf solution.
awascholl (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
I'm looking for something in between. I don't know anything about programming, but I can wire something up.