123D CREATURE launched - remodel the Instructables Robot and get a T-Shirt!

Hey Everyone!

123D Creature just launched in the iTunes App Store! - download it here for $1.99 (limited time).

To celebrate, we're giving free Instructables t-shirts to the first 5 users to successfully re'model' the Instructables Robot in the app and share it in the gallery.  

Simply save your Robot Creature to the 123D Gallery and post a link in the comments section.  You should be able to grab a link from the 'Embed' feature on your model's Preview page.

(Special Bonus HINT: We do not condone the terrorizing of your peers, but use the camera in the Render room to your advantage!!)

Picture of 123D CREATURE launched - remodel the Instructables Robot and get a T-Shirt!
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Dave A3 years ago

Just came along this topic again by accident. Never heard anything about any winners here......

Dave A4 years ago
No more contesters anymore? No deathline?
EuNatural4 years ago
That's great! I really love surfing and reading articles and post here because I have found something interesting.
Dave A4 years ago
May I introduce to you: Instroidable, the Mesh-up bot!

Since there are some complaints here about not being able to use this fantastic app on an Android tablet I thought, why not mesh-up the Android bot with the Instructable one? So every body can be happy again. I Added a little tattoo for those stinky Macs ;-).
By the way, I really like this app.
Dave A Dave A4 years ago
Kiteman Dave A4 years ago
You need an Autodesk account to see that.

Maybe a scrfeenshot?
Dave A Kiteman4 years ago
Here it is
Kiteman Dave A4 years ago
andrewt (author)  Dave A4 years ago
Nice one Dave!
Dave A andrewt4 years ago
Thnx, it was featured on 123d as well. That's one t-shirt for me I guess? ;-) Four to go then.
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