123D CREATURE launched - remodel the Instructables Robot and get a T-Shirt!

Hey Everyone!

123D Creature just launched in the iTunes App Store! - download it here for $1.99 (limited time).

To celebrate, we're giving free Instructables t-shirts to the first 5 users to successfully re'model' the Instructables Robot in the app and share it in the gallery.  

Simply save your Robot Creature to the 123D Gallery and post a link in the comments section.  You should be able to grab a link from the 'Embed' feature on your model's Preview page.

(Special Bonus HINT: We do not condone the terrorizing of your peers, but use the camera in the Render room to your advantage!!)

Picture of 123D CREATURE launched - remodel the Instructables Robot and get a T-Shirt!
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Dave A3 years ago

Just came along this topic again by accident. Never heard anything about any winners here......

Dave A4 years ago
No more contesters anymore? No deathline?
EuNatural4 years ago
That's great! I really love surfing and reading articles and post here because I have found something interesting.
Dave A4 years ago
May I introduce to you: Instroidable, the Mesh-up bot!

Since there are some complaints here about not being able to use this fantastic app on an Android tablet I thought, why not mesh-up the Android bot with the Instructable one? So every body can be happy again. I Added a little tattoo for those stinky Macs ;-).
By the way, I really like this app.
Dave A Dave A4 years ago
Kiteman Dave A4 years ago
You need an Autodesk account to see that.

Maybe a scrfeenshot?
Dave A Kiteman4 years ago
Here it is
Kiteman Dave A4 years ago
andrewt (author)  Dave A4 years ago
Nice one Dave!
Dave A andrewt4 years ago
Thnx, it was featured on 123d as well. That's one t-shirt for me I guess? ;-) Four to go then.
wilgubeast4 years ago
I will put up 3 months of pro membership to the first person who replies to this comment with a link to their interpretation of a "Mikeasaurus", "jessyratfink", "wilgubeast", or a "kiteman." This is your chance to double-dip, people. T-shirts + pro membership.
Due to their worry I'll put up a year's pro membership to the most obscene...
Seems you have a winner already http://www.123dapp.com/3dcr-Creature/Skin-dragon/1223498   I guess it would be ironic for this to go out on the feeds.
"Invalid Product Name"
I think he needs to see a doctor about that.
You're right, who in their right mind gives away one year pro memberships....wait
Randofo claims that he couldn't help but create something obscene the first time he used 123D Creature. But obscenity is in the eye of the beholder, and I'm (mostly) sure that there would be little prurient value in even the naughtiest of creatures modeled within the app. Apparently a yearlong membership is in the cards now, so create as you see fit.
Someone needs to turn me into a cat, please!
Here you are!
This is only a first attempt! Hope you like it.
Kiteman sath024 years ago
(I can't decide whether to laugh or scream in terror. I think I'll compromise on a nerbous giggle...)
Jayefuu sath024 years ago
Ha ha ha that's brilliant.
3 Months of Pro for you, sath02. You go, sath02.
Do ya' mean sticking ears on doesn't really work then ;-)
Somehow I think I'll end up with a noodly appendage...
ah, your coffee mug has "Big Willy" printed on it too?
Actually, it has a drawing of Darwin, riding a flea...
Tomdf4 years ago
Stinky Macs, think they are so cool.
will this work on my macbook or is it just an Ipad app?
andrewt (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
Just for iPad right now.
The app looks great but Im not buying an Ipad just to use it, Ive got a Mac, Windows, Linux, and an Android tablet. any chance of it a version for any of them? thanks
i couldn't find it in the apple store for macbook. :(
andrewt (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
Download it at http://appstore.com/AutodeskInc/123DCreature
It may take a bit for the app store to refresh it, but it's available as of this morning.
Kiteman4 years ago
Wot, no Android version?
Jayefuu4 years ago
Your links don't work, nor do I own a Mac.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
2 clams just to try? No ibles discount?