133MHz, Linux?

Does anyone have any ideas as to a linux distro suitable for a laptop with the following specs; Cpu: 133 MHz Ram: 32 Mb HD: 1.4 Gb I have looked at puppy linux and vector linux but i can't find a download for the old version of vector and even puppy is to demanding. Any linux distro suggestions or indeed other uses suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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hintss7 years ago
arch linux?
theforester8 years ago
I installed DSL on a machine with a 133Mhz P1, I'm pretty sure it had less than 32MB of RAM as well. It ran fine, perhaps a little slow. However Windows 95 (which is what it came with) just flies. I'm also running Windows 98 on a machine with a 166Mhz P1 and 24MB of RAM on it. It is pretty slow and needs more RAM, but it does run!
csharpdeveloper (author) 9 years ago
Sorry my mistake, on closer inspection the cpu is in fact a hugely impressive pentium with a titanic clockspeed of 200mhz! I am currently trying dsl so I will see how that goes...
can you go up in ram ? i ran linux with KDE on a 166 MHZ 128 M box and it worked allmost as fast as the windows 98 that was there before. used gentoo 2005.1 package CD (compiled myself kernel only)
110100101109 years ago
gentoo linux (you can compile on a new box) custom built arch linux
gmjhowe9 years ago
DOS would run very nicely on there! The other option to DSL is puppy linux, which tends to just work more often. (i think both dsl and puppy need at least 64mb of ram.) Ideally, for both you want at least 400mhz, and 64mb
gmoon9 years ago
I used Deli Linux a couple yrs ago for my carputer (a 180MHz Cyrix MB with 32Mb.)

Deli is hardly up-to-date, but it beats an old windoz or DOS setup...
csharpdeveloper (author) 9 years ago
Thanks for all the help so far! DSL is certainly an option, but even then running applications will be painful. I may end up using it as a hardware firewall or something, or maybe even just parting it up and experimenting.
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
That's slower then a PSP!
ll.139 years ago
As kj said, look into DSL Linux but with specs like that, I would more look into Windows 3.0 or something, maybe just for fun to play around on.
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