15 Foot Tesla Coil, 26 Foot Sparks, In His Backyard!

Check it out!

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You shouldn't resist anyways it is the amps that kill you not the volts except at lower frequencies then the volts can mess up your heart beat and give you a heart attack well HAPPY COILING
Ivraine10 years ago
Must resist stupid impulses... Ok THIS IS AWESOME!!! I'm trying to resist the urge to build one, because I know it will hurt if I get zapped. I once had a power line come down and I became a living ground/resistor when I tried to move the wires.
wow that must have hurt.
Yes. That would hurt. But, you must remember this-Sometimes I come home from school and feel like being zapped. So I take out my Tesla Coil, and ZAP!!! It is fun. It's not dangerous. The difference between Tesla coils and power lines are that power lines are 1-15 Kv, and about 100 amps. Tesla coils are well over a million volts for the large ones, but hardly any current at all. It is current that hurts, not voltage. That is why I like to show off that I have had 1.5 million volts flowing through me and be perfectly fine.
thats weird? I always thought a million volts was a million volts and 15 thousand was less. I don't entirely understand this amp thing a voltage is a voltage whats the difference?
Yes. A million volts is a million volts and 15000 volts is less than 1 million.

This is a scenario: If you had a zero resistance circuit (you don't need to worry about that), the wattage would be constant until you got to a 'load'. In this case, our load will be a light bulb. The light bulb turns some of the electrical energy into light. Therefore, the wattage must drop. But, the voltage doesn't drop. The current drops. You calculate wattage with V * I = W, V being voltage, I being current, and W being wattage. Therefore, the wattage goes down, too. Voltage is the force that electricity that has to go through things. Current is the amount of energy that can be transferred from an electrical source. Wattage is the total energy, thus both combined. This means that in a zero resistance circuit, wattage will remain constant if not interfered by a load. A tesla coil is basically just a transformer, and a superconducting transformer has a constant wattage on both ends. This means that if the wattage stays the same, and the voltage goes up, the current has to go down to hold the wattage.
ok thanks I'll read that in more detail later thanks.
Yes. It is kind of confusing at first.
Sedgewick1710 years ago
I can smell the ozone from here.
Yowl, the sound brings back bad memories....my right arm started to twitch so badly I had to turn the sound down *sigh*
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