15 litre/4 gallon water bottles

I have a lot of 15 litre/4 gallon empty, non-refillable water jugs.

I keep searching, but, cannot find ways to use them.
There are so many ways to use 2 litre pop bottles:  making nifty stuff, building green houses etc.
Surely there are creative ways to use these.

Can anybody help with ideas or maybe point me in the right direction?


Picture of 15 litre/4 gallon water bottles
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GaryM18210 months ago


jʎɐɹ-ɾ2 years ago

Seems like a good base for a raft / barge.

Ysabeau2 years ago

Cut the top, find a way to bind them et you have wonderful shelves!

Kiteman2 years ago

Follow any of the 2 litre bottle projects, and make a larger version!


Have you thought about the recycling bin?
Cutting them into flat lines for repair jobs?
Heating them in a big tube or oven to get smaller but extremely sturdy bottles?
Filling them hydrogen and oxygen for a big boom? ;)