15 steps to starting your own electronic-kit business - ladyada's tips for success

Voices: 15 steps to starting your own electronic-kit business

Ladyada, of MintyBoost! fame among others, gives EDN the step-by-step process for building a successful kit-building business. I've seen her operation, and she's a total pro. If you're interested in doing this yourself, this information is gold.

After Limor Fried received her master's degree in computer science and electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2004, she started her own business designing and selling electronic kits, targeting customers who want to explore embedded-microcontroller-based designs or create their own GPS (global-positioning-system)-based systems, among others. She has made Adafruit Industries into a successful electronics-kit business, and, based on her own experience, offers these 15 practical steps for engineers who dream of starting their own kit business.

Plus Step 7:

Put basic documentation of your project online. You can use the Wordpress.com or the instructables.com site. Put the picture at the top of the project page. Below that, place a one-paragraph description of the project with specifications. For example, if you built a DMX-controlled RGB LED light, your paragraph should describe how bright it is, the DMX-control functions, how many LEDs it has, and why it's innovative. People who will give you publicity are busy, and you should make it as easy as possible for them to copy and paste your photo and description to their blog posts. Repeat this step for each project.

Check out her site at http://ladyada.net/

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ladyada9 years ago
what is totally awesome about this article is she printed the phrase "money shot"
That phrase has moved into the common vernacular, I've heard it used on CNN and the local news.
should add "especially from sports reporters".
that's just because Terry Bradshaw's a perv... ... eww... blech!
ladyada9 years ago
instructables -> profit! :)
I've wanted to ask you about PCB's. I read your rantings, and you say you love Advanced Circuits. I used them once, I ended up spending $100 for some fairly nice PCB's. Although it was quick, I had a hard time shelling out that much cash. I know prototyping PCBs are expensive, but they feel way out of the pricerange, even moreso when you factor in the multiple iterations.

What I'm getting at is if you have any tips for prototyping, including decent board houses. I'm getting some from BatchPCB, and I might see how that goes. The 20-day to-doorstep time didn't seem to long when I ordered, but now its looking as if it might be a hinderance if I'm running multiple iterations...
You'll feel the time crawl by very slowly... One get around is to have a huge amount of spare proto-board, so when you order you have a completed project... In school the technology dept. tech was stoned all the time so 20 day waits for board prints were the norm.
Really? We usually just went in at lunch, grabbed what we needed and made them ourselves in about 20 mins.
did you miss the bit about the stoned techie.
Thats what the "Really?" was for.
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