1.5W Green Laser

Hi everyone.

I'm selling my 1.45W (metered) green laser; unfortunately I'll never get around to building a laser harp with her :-/

I'd like to get $800 for it, but this is somewhat negotiable.

Picture of 1.5W Green Laser
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ckgarside5 years ago
It looks really nice and I'd love to buy it, but I'm a student and its WAY above my price range
nice products,but it seems like the price is a little high!
foxwoodfarm5 years ago
I didn't notice that there was a "Marketplace" page, sorry.
Ymerej885 years ago
That looks cool! Green is my favorite color, still I don't know if I could spend that much on a laser :)
The pictures are good; but can you give us some more info, such as a model number, dimensions, age, etc. ?
grenadier (author)  Ymerej885 years ago
Sure. Specifically it's...

The datasheet: http://ultralasers.com/file/specification/new/G1000-En.pdf

What I verified:

Output Power: 1,450mW
Transverse Mode: TEM11
Divergence: 2.5mRad
Beam Diameter: 3mm
Modulation: Analog 0~10K
Expected Lifetime: 10,000hrs
Used Lifetime: 5 hours
IR leakage: <1mW

Overall it's a rather good laser, and I'm selling it for $300 less than retail :-)
foxwoodfarm5 years ago
I don't think this site is intended for the sale items
Generally not (and especially not SPAM). However, the OP did post this in the forum specifically designated for sale (see the top of the page).