16 Year Old Builds a Bike Entirely Out of Wood!

I am 16 years old and attend St. Thomas High School in Pointe Claire, Quebec. As a student in the International Baccalaureate program, I am required to complete a 'personal project' on a non-academic topic that is of interest to me. I have always enjoyed woodworking and design, so I decided to build a functional wooden bicycle. There was to be no metal used in its construction, only wood and glue. I wanted a project that would be a challenge.


Just goes to show you, you can do anything you set your mind to!

EDIT: It seems a few of you think this is me? If so...it's not. I just found this on the interwebs and thought you'd be interested.

Picture of 16 Year Old Builds a Bike Entirely Out of Wood!
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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
WOW! But can you make a suspension for it? (it wouldn't last 2 seconds on the trails I ride)
That's what some guy with a bike worth more than our cars (put together) said to me, on my eleven year old raleigh stonefly... sadly for him I raced him and won, granted I have no rear suspension so I wasn't thinking 'if I do this bump slightly slower it won't hurt my ass' I knew it would so no need to slow down... Therefore that wooden bike is the ultilmate in trail and racing bikes.
I've outraced lots of people in my mom's 30 year old raleigh. Suspension actually makes racing harder. I just like it cause I do lots of off road.
Is your mums raleigh in good condition? Ours disappeared for some years and when I got my hands back on it all the linkages work but there's a coat of surface rust all over the handlebars... I still have an original tyre on it for some reason, it's actually kinda good it's on the front but I never wash out oh and whole back wheel, hub and cassette are from a different bike. the frame's in good shape, the front forks look pretty messy because of surface corrosion, and they're nice and squishy but firm up well towards the end of travel... By the raleighs are great, I had a cheapo bike from halfords or smyths or something and I bent the rear arms of the suspension on the trail and also hit a tree sideways at great speed, after that short spell of being one with my leg the derailleur gave up. the raliegh has had all the abuse and lived, it even made it in the snow...
My mom's Raleigh (aside from some paint wearing off and some squeaking occasionally) is in excellent condition. I have a Schwinn and its axle and the sleeve around it bent -twice! I'm starting to hate that bike! Its so heavy! I want that Raleigh (its 1200 miles away sitting in my garage in Minnesota)!!!
lol my raleigh makes a big sqeak when I kick it up in to a wheely sound funny as hell when I jump curbs, big squeak thud, squeak, thud squeak, thud...
No curb jumping on mine! Those rims would bend so easily.
mines a little bit more rugged and the original rim split at the seam, has three dents in it and the hub moved enough to have rear steering... Of course that's happens when a guy in a car forces you to shoot on to the pavement in an old street at about 35mph your back tube explodes on the giant curb the whole back end goes skyward and you fly straight through a hedge/fence combo narrowly missing a man and his dog, I hit a tree the bike bent someones gate... the driver gets a nice smack in the face shen he comes back to see if you're ok...
Ouch... >:-(
Awk it was interesting anyway...
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