18V drill battery connector

Hi, I want to make a connector from this 18V drill battery pack to a 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC power male plug. I am planning to use the battery to act as an external power source for a camera. I still want to leave the battery pack for the drill as it is since I will be using the drill sometimes, so soldering cables to the battery connectors is not an option. Are there any other smart ideas?

Toga_Dan3 years ago

From the pic, it looks like the spade/ crimp type connector should work. If, however, those terminals arent quite spades, but only exposed on 2 edges, then I'd go with alligator clips. http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/components-hook-up-c-11_72.html

lpm (author) 3 years ago

Here are pictures.

connector.PNG2014-07-14 16.40.45.jpg
crapflinger lpm3 years ago

well then that's fairly easy, you just need two crimp on terminals like this


that are big enough to slide over the two prongs on the battery. again, you'll want to identify + and - on the battery and hook them up accordingly on the DC plug (the red is + and the black is - on the plug). you'd likely have to use a multimeter to find out which is which (put the multimeter in dc voltage mode, then put the red lead on one and the black lead on the other, if the voltage comes up positive then you've got the red on the + and the black on the -, if the voltage reads negative then you've got the black on the + and the red on the -)

crapflinger3 years ago

a picture of the actual battery pack in question would be advantageous but, in general, you should see some exposed connectors somewhere on the top of the battery where it connects to the drill, you just have to make something that would hold the ends of the wires that go to your power plug to those exposed connectors. you'll have to identify which one is + and which is - which would likely require a multimeter