18Volt 25watt AC to DC power supply.

I have a 18 volt 25 watt power supply I would like to sell. It converts AC to DC and comes with the power cord. I was going to use it to make an adjustable power supply but ended up getting something I liked better. I'm asking for 10 bucks shipped anywhere in the USA. Paypal is what I would like to use for payment. Thanks for looking.

Edit: On the board for the psu it says 18 volt but with my volt meter and no load it is showing 19.24.

Picture of 18Volt 25watt AC to DC power supply.
r1dd1ck913 (author) 5 years ago
I think it is 1.39 Amps. If your still interested let me know and I will PM you my email address or phone number.
Darn - it is otherwise perfect but I needed 5 Amps. Thanks for the update. Happy holidays to you and yours.
psychlones5 years ago
How many Amps and how do I get in touch to purchase it if not already sold?