1929 Ay?

This is looking interesting, considering half of instructables are penny pinchers it'll be impressive to see what we'll be digging up, I'm in a good position for this one, loads of minimal outlay work to the houses at the moment, possible bar build project - budget is under £10 by £10...

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its things like this that make me wish i was 21
How come? haha, it's 18 here!
i reallllyyy hope i win something......
I think I will make my own instructable for this contest...

And see if I can win something...
ha ha

i'm making another ible soon

thanks for the help though!!!
LOL! And your welcome! :-)

just don't make too many, i've never won a prize before =(
No, I am just making one...
=SMART=9 years ago
yea it sounds good, i can think of a few ideas allready !!