19th Century Vampire Hunting Kit sells for nearly $15k

Want to take your vampire hunting a little more seriously? Then maybe you need a kit like this one from the 1800s which comes with stakes, mirrors, a gun w/silver bullets, a Bible, holy water, candles, and garlic.

This one sold for $14,850 at auction recently, but why not make your own?


Picture of 19th Century Vampire Hunting Kit sells for nearly $15k
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=SMART=9 years ago
Oh my god, i NEED to make a portable vampire hunting kit
Could you fit one into an Altoids tin? One of REI's collapsible chopsticks might make a good Stake....
bumpus kelseymh9 years ago
Kelsey, I do believe you have planted an unstoppable seed in Smart's brain..
=SMART= bumpus9 years ago
arrrhhh!!! get it out !!!! the only way it will leave is if i make this !!
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
Do it!

>So excited!<
=SMART= bumpus9 years ago
its in progress, i have the stake done !!
Now you just need to learn how to fit a bible, garlic, and a dagger in there Im thinking garlic flavored Altoids. Huh? huh? anyone?
Dagger -- from a game of Clue.
Garlic -- use cloves instead of whole bulbs.
Bible -- one of the mini-mini size they sell at bookstore checkstands

The hard part is going to be a projectile weapon and silver bullets (or BB's?).
who says it has to be a bullet? for that matter silver could also mean mercury considering the era these rumors are dated
lol i think im going to put a bible PDF on a usb - for the modern vampire hunter :D
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