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I am giving away 2 three month Pro-memberships. April Fools! No just kidding it is not a prank I really am giving it away. To get the be in the first 3 people to go to one of my instructables (this does not include minecraft ones or games) make the thing in the instructable comment I Made It (with a picture). Then comment here tell me wich post you commented on and I will send you the code in a PM. So get making

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1 of ur instrble ill make this evening,say i made it and ill tell you which one....im probably late its ok ur time is appreciated and ill do what i said anyhow talk later peace

Are you going to do it ?

yes,right before i go to school at 6:00 pm pst,im going to college to learn how to "Do Hot Glue in otherWays that you can't Image"! WHOOOO! YAHHH! lolz im just kiddin myssssterygiiiirl995!

Squishy_Mud2 years ago

the egg in i

Mysterious_Gal (author)  Squishy_Mud2 years ago

Sending it now.

do you still have any still want to check this out further been here for awhile thank you

I have 1 left to give away

im sorry been busy takin care of our mom,if its still there i thank you,thank you anyway for takin the time,ill log in a little later mysterygirl995

still there.

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