2 Great games in one, from Knex!

Here is my 2 in one for a basketball game, and a horseshoes game! both are from the KOI line of things. look out for future ibles/slideshows in this line, as they are Not Guns!

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bakenbitz9 years ago
This is from a book....
Bartboy (author)  bakenbitz9 years ago
KOI = K'nex Original Ideas, and by the way, what book? I would like to know, as I got from knex.com
Katarukito9 years ago
i made something like this before.
knexfan91829 years ago
how is it two games in one there two differnt items
Bartboy (author)  knexfan91829 years ago
2 games in one IBLE
LoL yeah?
Why are kids killing kids?! Nothing makes sense anymore! Lol as for my non Lopez answer I guess because they're both made from Knex? I don't know...don't bug me.
too late i am