2 Minute Meals -- Your favorite breakfast?

2 Minute meals are fun, but in the morning, if you wake up too late, they can become necessity. I've made "oatmeal" in the past, just a little water and some instant oatmeal, in the 'wave for 30 seconds, and its warm. I call it "oatmeal" because its just instant oatmeal suspended in lukewarm water, it doesn't get gelatinous or anything :P What do you do in a hurry?

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marc9210 years ago
Two words: Instant Coffee
westfw10 years ago
A banana and a swig of Dr. Pepper. But then, I'm not much of a breakfast eater.
canida10 years ago
We standardly make frittatas in the morning- 1 minute before shower dumping leftovers and egg whites into a pan, one minute after shower tossing it under the broiler, then dumping it in tupperware and scampering off to the car.

This morning we actually ate a fast cold breakfast at home: chopped tart apple (granny smith) with nut butter (cashew-macadamia for me, almond for Eric), wrapped in a bit of deli turkey slice and dotted with sriracha (rooster) sauce. VERY good, even though it sounds a bit scary.

When in college, we used to toast eggo waffles, slather them with chunky peanut butter, and cover them in salsa. There was also a phase where we ate granola with some yogurt and frozen berries in the car, but now it's fresh fruit or frittatas all the way.
sam canida10 years ago
I lived off eggo waffles for a while. Now I'm on to an old favourite: peanut butter and banana sandwich.
When in college, we used to toast eggo waffles, slather them with chunky peanut butter, and cover them in salsa.

I totally forgot about that! I made some homemade waffles a few weeks ago and tried it with creamy peanut butter and salsa that had pineapple in it.

It was pretty good :) I'll surely have it again :P
A convert! Bwahaha.
mapleisme10 years ago
trebuchet03, you're my kind of person, ha ha ha. Fast breakfast... Hmm... Slice up an orange, banana, apple, put them into a bowl... Easy peasy, keeps you full :)
Aeshir10 years ago
I like to call it "goatmeal" xD not sure why.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Breakfast burritos are good... But they take more than 2 minutes. I used to make them, freeze them and then nuke them as needed :) You can throw in whatever you'd like. Cooked Eggs, veggies, cheese etc. Throw them in a pan and brown the tortilla you wrapped them in and then freeze individually. To be honest, you can do the same with almost any food....
LasVegas10 years ago
I do the same too, but add a bit of brown sugar Splenda and cinnamon. Every bit as good as the instant packages.
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