2 emails and no response from service@instructables.com

11 days ago, I contacted the other Anolon winners (Thanksgiving challenge) to see if their cookware had arrived.  It hadn't.  As per a suggestion from mikeasaurus, I sent an email to service@instructables.com regarding the prizes.  Didn't hear back, so I emailed again last week.  Still no word.

Is there a different robot I should be contacting? ;-)

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Kiteman4 years ago
You need to send an email to support@instructables.com with your details.

Out of curiosity, can I ask why you want to cancel?
ShadyLogic4 years ago
This was our mistake! Usually when a contest ends it gets added to our database, but because of an error with how challenges are handled the winners' information was lost in a black hole. The problem has been fixed and Analon has been notified. Domestic winners should expect their cookware to be sent directly, International winners will have their prizes come through our office first.

So sorry for the delay, this one just got lost!
bajablue (author)  ShadyLogic4 years ago
Thanks for responding, ShadyLogic! No harm, no foul. ;-)
caitlinsdad bajablue4 years ago
Since Thanksgiving? That's fowl.
har har
caitlinsdad4 years ago
I usually think of it as getting a rebate. It might show up in the mail one day when you least expect it. Are they waiting for a video to come out before any action is taken?
bajablue (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
lol... you know... I think they are!